Business Setup Activities

Activity CodeName ENDescription ENTypeApprovalApproving Dept 1Approving Dept 2Note
113001Growing of Vegetables蔬菜种植Includes agricultural firms specialized in growing leafy vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, cabbages, also, fruit bearing vegetables such as cucumbers, eggplants, tomatoes, watermelons as well as root vegetables such as carrots, garlic and onions, such firms are allowed to import materials used in the agricultural operations, such as, seeds, chemical and organic fertilizers, pesticides, as well as the specialized agricultural tools.包括专门种植菠菜、生菜、卷心菜等叶菜类蔬菜,以及黄瓜、茄子、西红柿、西瓜等水果蔬菜以及胡萝卜、大蒜和洋葱等根茎类蔬菜的农业企业,允许此类企业进口材料用于农业作业,如种子、化学和有机肥料、农药以及专用农具。Professional
0910101Repairing Oil & Natural Gas Well Equipment Abroad国外维修油气井设备Includes the reparation and maintenance operations carried outside the UAE for the equipment involved in the various operations of oil and natural gas production, from primary stages of survey and exploration up to storage.包括在阿联酋境外对涉及石油和天然气生产各种操作的设备进行的维修和维护操作,从调查和勘探的初级阶段到存储。Professional
1313001Textile Pleating & Trimming Shops纺织品打褶和修边店Includes shops which prepare fabrics and textiles for sewing by means of pleating, trimming or making shapes and drawings out of fabrics and threads for fitting.包括通过打褶、修剪或用织物和线制作形状和图纸来准备用于缝纫的织物和纺织品的商店。Professional
1313002Fabrics, Textiles & Readymade Garments Screen Printing织物、纺织品和成衣丝网印刷Includes silk-screen printing on textiles and wearing apparel by transferring a multicolored image or design image from a screen to textile articles through lithographic, gravure, screen or flexographic printing.包括在纺织品和服装上进行丝网印刷,通过平版印刷、凹版印刷、丝网印刷或柔版印刷将彩色图像或设计图像从丝网转移到纺织品上。Professional
1410109Face Masks & Gloves Preparation口罩和手套准备Includes preparing of face masks and respirators and gloves intended for protection against particles and viruses, this activity involves the firms that use substances and tools as well as a volume of output that do not amount to manufacturing process.包括准备用于防护微粒和病毒的口罩、呼吸器和手套,这项活动涉及使用物质和工具的公司以及不属于制造过程的产量。Professional
1410919Ladies Wears Tailoring & Embroidery Workshop女装剪裁及刺绣工作坊Includes shops comprising numerous sewing machines and tailors for sewing ladies apparel, as well as formal uniforms for schools and women workers in public and private sector, except military clothing and uniforms, it also involves knitting and embroidering works.包括众多缝纫机和缝纫女装裁缝店,以及学校和公共和私营部门女工的正式制服,除军装和制服外,还涉及针织和刺绣工作。Professional
1410920Gents Wears Tailoring & Embroidery Workshop男装裁缝及刺绣工作坊Includes shops comprising numerous sewing machines and tailors for sewing men and boy apparel, as well as men formal uniforms such as school clothing as well as work wear for staff and workers in the public and private sector, it excludes military clothing and uniforms.包括许多缝纫机和裁缝店,用于缝制男士和男孩服装,以及男士正装,如学校服装以及公共和私营部门的工作人员和工人的工作服,不包括军装和制服。Professional
1812005Design & Artwork Services设计和艺术服务Includes providing a wide range of design and artworks to firms engaged in printing and publishing. This includes designing books, magazine covers, stamps, greeting cards and brochures, the process may take the traditional for modern techniques.包括为从事印刷和出版的公司提供范围广泛的设计和艺术品。这包括设计书籍、杂志封面、邮票、贺卡和小册子,这个过程可能会采用传统的现代技术。Professional
1812006Greeting Cards Production & Distribution Services贺卡制作及发行服务Includes providing complete intermediary services between individuals and companies on one hand and the firms involved in designing, printing, packaging, distributing or publishing greeting cards. Items delivery can be made by hand, or by mail. Besides organizing the contractual aspects between different parties, the process involves supervising the implementation of all the related services.一方面包括在个人和公司与参与设计、印刷、包装、分销或出版贺卡的公司之间提供完整的中介服务。物品交付可以通过专人或邮寄方式进行。除了组织各方之间的合同方面外,该过程还涉及监督所有相关服务的实施。Professional
3212002Imitation Jewellery Smithing仿珠宝锻造Includes manufacturing goldsmiths’ articles, such as brooches, earnings, necklaces, bracelets, rings made from base metals plated with precious metals, or jewellery containing imitation stones such as imitation gems stones, imitation diamonds.包括制造金匠的物品,例如胸针、收入、项链、手镯、由镀贵金属的贱金属制成的戒指,或含有仿宝石的珠宝,例如仿宝石、仿钻石。Professional
3212004Gifts & Jewellery Box Making礼品和珠宝盒制作Includes the decorated boxes made of different materials and used in keeping jewellery and presenting gifts.包括由不同材料制成的装饰盒,用于存放珠宝和赠送礼物。Professional
32900243D Printing Products Production3D打印产品生产Includes firms specialized in producing products by the 3D printing through creating designs of objects with AutoCAD software, then the printer creates a three-dimensional object using lasers to fuse powdered materials together layer by layer, the powdered materials involve metal, plastic, rubber, silicon, ceramic, such technology involves different products and parts such as, jewelry, industrial parts, vehicles, dental and medical industry.包括专门从事3D打印生产产品的公司,通过AutoCAD软件进行物体设计,然后打印机使用激光将粉末材料一层一层地融合在一起,形成三维物体,粉末材料包括金属、塑料、橡胶、硅,陶瓷,此类技术涉及不同的产品和零件,例如,珠宝,工业零件,车辆,牙科和医疗行业。Professional
3290101Safety Harness Fabrication安全带制造Includes fabricating harness from ropes, webbing and locking hardware in order to use in protecting persons or animals or objects from injury or damage when ascending or descending above or the underground.包括用绳索、织带和锁定硬件制造安全带,以用于保护人或动物或物体在上下或地下上升或下降时免受伤害或损坏。Professional
3312008Typewriters & Calculators Repair & Maintenance打字机和计算器维修和保养Includes the repair and maintenance of the electronic calculators and typewriters and printing sets.包括电子计算器、打字机和打印设备的维修和保养。Professional
3312009Photocopiers Repair & Maintenance复印机维修和保养Includes repairing and maintaining photocopiers, microfilming machines, microfilm and projectors and copiers.包括修理和维护复印机、缩微胶卷机、缩微胶卷以及投影仪和复印机。Professional
3314004Transformers & Switchgear Repair & Maintenance变压器和开关设备维修和保养Includes maintaining the devices that convert an alternating (A/C) current of a certain voltage to an alternating current of different voltage, also switchgears used to control, protect and isolate electrical equipment.包括维护将一定电压的交流 (A/C) 电流转换为不同电压的交流电的设备,以及用于控制、保护和隔离电气设备的开关设备。Professional
3315003Boats Upholstery Services船内饰服务Includes providing ships and boats seats with high-resiliency and high-density materials with a thin film of plastic over in order to keep out water.包括为船舶和船只座椅提供高弹性和高密度材料,并在上面覆盖一层塑料薄膜以防水。Professional
3315010Helicopters Repair & Maintenance直升机维修和保养Includes firms engaged in maintaining and repairing helicopters to ensure their airworthiness, involving performing the overhaul, engine repairs and upgrades, customizations and restorations, avionics upgrades.包括从事维护和修理直升机以确保其适航性的公司,涉及进行大修、发动机维修和升级、定制和修复、航空电子设备升级。Professional
3319901Light Duty Equipment & Engines Repair轻型设备和发动机维修Includes repairing and maintaining light duty equipment and engines for various medical, packaging, transport, construction applications..etc.包括修理和维护用于各种医疗、包装、运输、建筑应用等的轻型设备和发动机。Professional
3319902Heavy Duty Equipment & Machinery Repair & Maintenance重型设备和机械维修和保养Includes firms repair machinery and equipment, lifts, escalators, boilers, central kitchens, automatic washing equipment, electric generators, water pumps, tower cranes…etc.包括维修机械设备、升降机、自动扶梯、锅炉、中央厨房、自动清洗设备、发电机、水泵、塔式起重机等的公司。Professional
4290910Sport Fields & Halls Contracting运动场和大厅承包Includes civil engineering works (except constructions) to install indoor and outdoor sport courts, fields, tracks and arenas. Works include flooring, walling, fencing, grandstand fixing and dismantling, as well as supply equipment made to international standards to enhance sport exercising and competitions.包括土木工程(建筑除外),以安装室内和室外运动场、场地、跑道和竞技场。工程包括地板、墙壁、围栏、看台的固定和拆除,以及提供符合国际标准的设备,以加强体育锻炼和比赛。Professional
4321010Satellite Receiving Equipment Installation & Maintenance卫星接收设备安装维护Includes installing and fixing apparatus for radio- broadcasting and television transmission, functioning testing, as well as maintenance and reparation services.包括安装和固定广播电视传输设备、功能测试以及维护和维修服务。Professional
4321011Electricity Transmission & Control Apparatus Installation输电控制设备安装Includes firms engaged in installing and maintaining electric power transmission and distribution equipment and devices, such as current rectifiers, alternation controllers, operation panels, electric and electronic control apparatuses and distribution panels.包括从事安装和维护电力传输和分配设备和装置的公司,例如电流整流器、交流控制器、操作面板、电气和电子控制设备以及配电面板。Professional
4390013Fencing & Barbed Wire Contracting围栏和铁丝网承包Includes installing and maintaining fence and barbed wire in industrial, agricultural installations, airports, military facilities to prevent crossing.包括在工业、农业设施、机场、军事设施中安装和维护围栏和带刺铁丝网,以防止穿越。Professional
4520023Auto General Repair汽车总修Includes firms that repair all types of mechanical failure in light and heavy motor vehicles.包括修理轻型和重型机动车辆所有类型机械故障的公司。Professional
4520028Auto Phones Installation & Repair汽车电话安装与维修Includes fitting mobile phones into automobiles.包括将手机安装到汽车中。Professional
4610006Merchandising services商品销售服务Includes firms engaged in displaying and presenting products in supermarkets and retail stores to maximize sales, including, wrapping some goods with gifts, pictures or cards to promote.包括在超市和零售店中展示和展示产品以最大化销售额的公司,包括用礼品、图片或卡片包装一些商品以进行促销。Professional
4610010Commercial Brokers商业经纪人Includes firms engaged in bringing sellers and buyers involved in wholesale and retail trade together in return of a commission or remuneration, these firms are neither allowed to trade on own account nor practice brokerage in real estate, services, shares and bonds and finance.包括从事将批发和零售贸易中的卖方和买方聚集在一起以换取佣金或报酬的公司,这些公司不得自营交易,也不得从事房地产、服务、股票和债券以及金融方面的经纪业务。Professional
4610012Discount Cards Services折扣卡服务Includes firms which provide other parties with cards that can be used to obtain reduced prices or certain facilities when buying products or services from a group of shops, hotels or other firms participating in the program of reduced prices or facilities provided by such cards, such firms are neither allowed impose charges for obtaining the cards nor to impose contracts on the customers against the provision of the service.包括向其他方提供卡片的公司,这些卡片可用于在从一组商店、酒店或其他参与减价计划的公司或其他公司购买产品或服务时获得折扣或某些便利,此类公司,此类公司不允许为获取卡收取费用,也不允许针对提供服务的客户签订合同。Professional
4620110Agricultural Crops Selling农作物销售Includes agricultural firms engaged in selling agricultural crops from the local production, including wholesale or retail sale within the stores or farms or local markets.包括从事销售当地生产的农作物的农业公司,包括商店、农场或当地市场内的批发或零售。Professional
4781001Fruit & Vegetable Seller水果和蔬菜卖家Includes sellers who use benches and small stall in public markets to sell fresh fruits, dried fruits such as dates, lemon, medical herbs ... etc.包括在公共市场使用长凳和小摊位出售新鲜水果、干果如枣、柠檬、药材...等的卖家。ProfessionalYesFood Safety Management (Dubai Municipality)
4781005Dates seller小摊位卖家Includes sellers practicing small dates trading activity on benches and stalls inside popular markets.包括在热门市场内的长凳和摊位上进行小日期交易活动的卖家。ProfessionalYesFood Safety Management (Dubai Municipality)
4781007Fish Seller鱼贩Includes sellers who perform selling fishes directly to consumers in the public markets, the service provided includes cutting and preparing fishes for cooking.包括在公共市场直接向消费​​者销售鱼类的卖家,提供的服务包括切割和准备用于烹饪的鱼类。ProfessionalYesFood Safety Management (Dubai Municipality)
4781008Meat Seller肉贩Includes small shops and sellers who perform selling meats and chickens direct to consumers in the public markets, the service provided includes cutting and preparing meats for cooking.包括在公共市场直接向消费​​者销售肉类和鸡肉的小商店和卖家,提供的服务包括切割和准备肉类以供烹饪。ProfessionalYesFood Safety Management (Dubai Municipality)
5221002Rail Management & Operation铁路管理与运营Includes firms specialized in managing and operating trains for other parties. This involves executing operations necessary for handling passengers and cargo transport as well as changing the crew.包括专门为其他方管理和运营培训的公司。这涉及执行处理乘客和货物运输以及更换船员所需的操作。Professional
5229003Car Guarantee Extension Services汽车保修延期服务Includes firms act as coordinator between insurance companies, products dealers in one hand and their customers who desire to extend the warranty of the automobiles they purchase beyond the manufacturer’s warranty, the role of such firms is restricted to coordination and management of the process only.包括公司作为保险公司、产品经销商和他们的客户之间的协调人,他们希望将他们购买的汽车的保修期延长到制造商的保修期之外,这些公司的作用仅限于协调和管理流程。Professional
5229005Means of Transportation Services Broker交通工具服务经纪人Includes firms engaged in providing services related to transportation to the individuals who might not have the time to approach the services providers, such as, auto repair workshops or car washing stations or others, it involves vehicles, ships and boats and aircrafts registration at the competent authorities or traffic departments after finalizing the technical inspection at the testing centers and handling the insurance and other registration formalities, these firms are not allowed to act as insurance brokers or agents, nor issue the insurance policies themselves包括从事向可能没有时间接触服务提供商的个人提供与运输相关的服务的公司,例如汽车修理厂或洗车站或其他,涉及车辆、船舶和船只和飞机在主管部门的注册主管部门或交通部门在检测中心完成技术检查并办理保险和其他注册手续后,这些公司不得担任保险经纪人或代理人,也不得自行签发保险单Professional
5229011Transport Consultancies运输顾问Includes firms specialized in providing consultancies and studies on transport as regarding the means for smooth traffic flow, the effect of big projects on traffic, trffic lights timing control, advising on alternative streets and wayouts at events times (exhibitons, competitions), fix the crossings and exits for the services streets.包括专门提供交通咨询和研究的公司,涉及交通顺畅的方式、大型项目对交通的影响、交通灯时间控制、在活动时间(展览、比赛)的替代街道和出路建议,修复十字路口和服务街道的出口。Professional
5320010Delivery Services送货服务Includes delivering consumer goods and food of the general stores, cooperatives and restaurants to homes, offices, factories, airports and airplanes and others, it excludes delivering mail and parcels and postal item.包括将一般商店、合作社和餐馆的消费品和食品运送到家庭、办公室、工厂、机场和飞机等,不包括邮寄和包裹和邮政物品。Professional
5610007Ice-Cream Shop冰激凌店Includes shops which prepare and sell ice cream to the public for immediate consumption, factories which produce ice cream on commercial scale and in standard size packs are classified under (1520).包括为公众准备和销售冰淇淋以供立即消费的商店,以商业规模和标准尺寸包装生产冰淇淋的工厂被归类为 (1520)。ProfessionalYesFood Safety Management (Dubai Municipality)
5621002Banquet kitchen宴会厨房Includes the provision of food services based on contractual arrangements with the customers, such firms are allowed the take away service as the premises lacks the suitable installations for serving food .包括根据与客户的合同安排提供食品服务,允许此类公司提供外卖服务,因为场所缺乏合适的食品供应设施。ProfessionalYesFood Safety Management (Dubai Municipality)Drainage and Irrigation Management
5621003Hospitality Services酒店服务Includes firms specialized to taking care of or serving the guests in the personal and corporate events such as weddings, birthdays, exhibitions, meetings, as well as receiving visitors at airports.包括专门在婚礼、生日、展览、会议等个人和公司活动中照顾或服务客人的公司,以及在机场接待访客的公司。Professional
5621004Pastry Preparing糕点制作Includes shops engaged in preparing and selling pastries directly to the public for immediate consumption, or selling un-cooked pastries to consumers in such a way that they can latter cook themselves.包括直接向公众准备和销售糕点以供立即消费的商店,或向消费者出售未煮熟的糕点,以便他们以后可以自己做饭的商店。ProfessionalYesFood Safety Management (Dubai Municipality)Drainage and Irrigation Management
5621005Fish & Meat Grilling烤鱼烤肉Includes shops engaged in cooking and grilling fish and meat to the public for taking away, such meals are not allowed to be served and eaten on the premises.包括从事烹饪和烧烤鱼和肉以供公众带走的商店,此类餐点不得在场所内供应和食用。ProfessionalYesFood Safety Management (Dubai Municipality)Drainage and Irrigation Management
5621007Local Sweets Preparing当地甜点预制Includes preparing local sweets in stalls sell directly to the public for immediate consumption包括在摊位上准备当地糖果,直接向公众出售以供即时消费ProfessionalYesFood Safety Management (Dubai Municipality)Drainage and Irrigation Management
5621008Sandwich Shop三明治店Includes shops that provide sandwiches, juices and beverages for immediate consumption包括提供三明治、果汁和饮料供即时消费的商店ProfessionalYesFood Safety Management (Dubai Municipality)
5629002Catering Services餐饮服务Includes firms engaged in the provision of food and beverages on contractual arrangements with schools, institutes, hospitals, airlines, shipping companies and contractors with fresh meals cooked and prepared in own kitchens such firms must own necessary facilities to carry out the catering activities.包括根据与学校、研究所、医院、航空公司、航运公司和承包商的合同安排从事提供食品和饮料的公司,这些公司在自己的厨房里烹制和准备新鲜食物,这些公司必须拥有开展餐饮活动的必要设施。ProfessionalYesFood Safety Management (Dubai Municipality)
5630001Coffee Shop咖啡店Includes shops sell coffee, tea, Juices, biscuits and certain sweet cakes and ice-creams to the public.包括向公众出售咖啡、茶、果汁、饼干和某些甜蛋糕和冰淇淋的商店。ProfessionalYesFood Safety Management (Dubai Municipality)Drainage and Irrigation Management
5630007Sweets & Candies Preparing糖果和糖果准备Includes shops engaged in preparing and selling oriental and European sweets, tea, soft drinks, cakes and candies directly to the public for immediate consumption.包括直接向公众准备和销售东方和欧洲糖果、茶、软饮料、蛋糕和糖果以供立即消费的商店。ProfessionalYesFood Safety Management (Dubai Municipality)Drainage and Irrigation Management
5911003Theatrical Production戏剧制作Includes performing all the stages involved in the theatrical production up to delivering to the public.包括表演戏剧制作所涉及的所有阶段,直到向公众提供。Professional
5911007Special Effects Production特效制作Includes TV studios, equipped for TV and movie filming and for taking shots of special effects, artifices and tricks, through filming the same and tracking them on the tape previously filmed in open scenes or indoors or through using the computer, cartoons etc. for producing these artifices and tricks.包括电视演播室,配备电视和电影拍摄以及特殊效果、技巧和技巧的拍摄,通过拍摄相同的内容并在先前在露天场景或室内拍摄的磁带上进行跟踪或通过使用计算机、卡通等进行制作这些技巧和窍门。Professional
6130001Short Messages Services短信服务Includes firms engaged in text messaging on behalf others who want to use as a promotive tool for their services and offers, or to utilize as a formative for furnishing their subscriber base with news, weather forecast, stock exchange, entertainment events, medical instructions…etc.包括代表其他人从事短信的公司,这些公司希望用作其服务和优惠的促销工具,或用作向其订户群提供新闻、天气预报、证券交易所、娱乐活动、医疗说明等的形式.Professional
6190002Online Gaming Services在线游戏服务Includes firms engaged in developing and offering support services to enable free or paid online gaming played through the internet, computer network or E-gaming devices, downloadable from app stores, or through CD’s, these firms are not allowed to operate or conduct electronic applications, such as gambling apps that contravene the prevailing legislations in UAE, as well as the shameless apps.包括从事开发和提供支持服务以实现通过互联网、计算机网络或电子游戏设备进行免费或付费在线游戏的公司,可从应用程序商店下载,或通过 CD,这些公司不得运营或进行电子应用程序,例如违反阿联酋现行法律的赌博应用程序,以及无耻的应用程序。Professional
6201001Computer Systems & Communication Equipment Software Design计算机系统和通信设备软件设计Includes firms specialized in computer systems software design, implementation, operation and maintenance based on analyzing the user's problems and his need for economical solution and the programs necessary for realizing such a solution, it involves designing application software designed to run on smartphones and mobile devices.包括专门从事计算机系统软件设计、实施、操作和维护的公司,这些公司基于分析用户的问题及其对经济解决方案的需求以及实现此类解决方案所需的程序,涉及设计可在智能手机和移动设备上运行的应用软件。Professional
6201002Electronic Chips Programming电子芯片编程Includes programming electronic chips used in computers or in other automatic electronic devices, which are used in industry, vehicles, household electronic appliances and electronic games.包括用于计算机或其他自动化电子设备的编程电子芯片,用于工业、车辆、家用电子设备和电子游戏。Professional
6201005Web-Design网页设计Includes firms specialized in designing the pages of the electronic services sites, the internet is used here as infrastructure.包括专门设计电子服务网站页面的公司,这里使用互联网作为基础设施。Professional
6201009Social Media Applications Development & Management社交媒体应用程序开发和管理Includes firms specialized in helping businesses and others to utilize such social media like Facebook, twitter, you tube, LinkedIn, Instagram to increase visibility and expand the number of regular visitors, which will boost customer base and consequently result in the grow of their businesses and services steadily over time, it involves providing contents as well as managing such channels.包括专门帮助企业和其他人利用 Facebook、Twitter、You Tube、LinkedIn、Instagram 等社交媒体来提高知名度和增加常客数量的公司,这将增加客户群,从而促进其业务的增长和随着时间的推移稳定地提供服务,它涉及提供内容以及管理这些渠道。Professional
6201010Cyber Security Architecture网络安全架构Includes designing the organization’s specific protective objectives that address the necessities and potential risks involved in the theft or damage to the hardware, software or the information on them.包括设计组织的特定保护目标,以解决硬件、软件或其信息被盗或损坏所涉及的必要性和潜在风险。Professional
6201011Education & Training Computer Software教育培训计算机软件Includes providing computer systems analysis and software design to the firms involved in education and training process, it involves analyzing the user's needs and problems and offering consultancy on the best economical solution and the programs necessary for realizing such a solution, also, the software installation, testing and operation.包括为参与教育和培训过程的公司提供计算机系统分析和软件设计,它涉及分析用户的需求和问题,并就最佳经济解决方案和实现此类解决方案所需的程序提供咨询,还包括软件安装、测试和操作。Professional
6202002Computer Systems Consultancies计算机系统咨询Includes firms which provide consultancy to enterprises and companies, prepare studies related to the analysis of users' needs as regards computer hardware and software and provide the best solutions. This also includes the choice of software that corresponds to the company's activities, the choice of operation specifications, the equipment and preparation of computer rooms.包括为企业和公司提供咨询、准备与分析用户对计算机硬件和软件的需求相关的研究并提供最佳解决方案的公司。这还包括选择与公司活动相对应的软件、操作规范的选择、设备和机房的准备。Professional
6202003Information Technology Consultants资讯科技顾问Includes providing technical services and consultancies with respect to information technology and applications like internet, internet and data warehousing to enhance the administrative and technical performance in different corporations. In addition to offering consultancies, to involve proposing the adequate software and handling the surveys and studies to determine the appropriate technology consistent with the nature of the firm, it involve advising on the most proper technical applications for transformation to the platform of the block chain technology, with emphasis on the economic return expected from applying in different domains, these firms are not entitled to market or produce any of the software or products related to said technology.包括提供有关信息技术和应用程序(如互联网、互联网和数据仓库)的技术服务和咨询,以提高不同公司的管理和技术绩效。除了提供咨询,包括提出合适的软件和处理调查和研究以确定符合公司性质的适当技术,它还涉及为最合适的技术应用提供建议,以向区块链技术平台转型,强调在不同领域应用的预期经济回报,这些公司无权销售或生产与上述技术相关的任何软件或产品。Professional
6202005Information Technology Network Services信息技术网络服务Includes firms specialized in providing the services of subscribing & Connecting to international information networking as well as specialized information banks and exchange of electronic mail which includes operating systems and applications such as electronic mail and the exchange of data electronically by using communication networks as well as their local and international lines. The role of those is limited to facilitating subscription procedures against fees or specified amount.包括专门提供订阅和连接国际信息网络以及专业信息库和电子邮件交换服务的公司,其中包括操作系统和应用程序,例如电子邮件和使用通信网络以电子方式交换数据及其本地和国际线路。它们的作用仅限于促进针对费用或指定金额的订阅程序。Professional
6202006Cyber Security Consultancy网络安全顾问Includes firms specialized in offering comprehensive professional cyber security consultancy to other organizations on how to prepare for, avoid and protect themselves against cyber-attacks and threats, such threats might involve networks, computers, programs and data damage or unauthorized access.包括专门向其他组织提供全面的专业网络安全咨询的公司,了解如何准备、避免和保护自己免受网络攻击和威胁,此类威胁可能涉及网络、计算机、程序和数据损坏或未经授权的访问。Professional
6202007Cyber Risk Management Services网络风险管理服务Includes firms which help others with the essential tools needed to identify and asses cyber threats which might include users themselves, networks, devices, all software, processes, information in storage, applications, including recommending effective measures to eliminate or manage cyber threats.包括帮助他人使用识别和评估网络威胁所需的基本工具的公司,这些威胁可能包括用户本身、网络、设备、所有软件、流程、存储信息、应用程序,包括推荐有效措施来消除或管理网络威胁。Professional
6202008Auditing, Reviewing &Testing Cyber Risks审计、审查和测试网络风险Includes firms engaged in auditing the organizations’ compliance with the standards and documented procedures that identify risks and vulnerabilities within the existing IT environment, also, conducting penetration testing to the established security measure for possible breaches and the exploitable vulnerabilities that an attacker might gain unauthorized access.包括参与审计组织遵守标准和文件化程序的公司,这些程序可以识别现有 IT 环境中的风险和漏洞,还对既定的安全措施进行渗透测试,以找出可能的漏洞和攻击者可能获得未经授权访问的可利用漏洞.Professional
6202009Network Consultancies网络顾问Includes providing comprehensive professional consultancies to IT organizations to help them match their needs with the networking solutions, it involves securing, analyzing and designing network solutions that maintain the security and integrity of their IT assets, the minimal qualifications required is Bachelor degree in Computer sciences or Information Technology, along with three years hands-on experience.包括为 IT 组织提供全面的专业咨询,帮助他们将需求与网络解决方案相匹配,涉及保护、分析和设计网络解决方案,以维护其 IT 资产的安全性和完整性,所需的最低资格是计算机科学学士学位或信息技术,以及三年的实践经验。Professional
6202010Internet Consultancy互联网咨询Includes firms specialized in drawing up consultancies and strategies for search engine optimization for businesses by analyzing the current the company's online, then assessing what needs to be added, adapted, or replaced in order to show up on search engines, the minimal degree required is bachelor degree in Computer sciences or Information Technology, along with three years hands-on experience.包括专门为企业制定搜索引擎优化咨询和战略的公司,通过分析公司的在线情况,然后评估需要添加、调整或替换的内容以显示在搜索引擎上,最低要求是学士学位计算机科学或信息技术学位,以及三年的实践经验。Professional
6202011Managed Cyber Security Services Provider托管网络安全服务提供商Includes firms providing outsourced monitoring and management of cyber security devices and systems. Services may include firewall provision, intrusion detection, VPN and vulnerability scanning.包括提供网络安全设备和系统的外包监控和管理的公司。服务可能包括防火墙配置、入侵检测、VPN 和漏洞扫描。Professional
6202101Marketing Services Via Social Media通过社交媒体的营销服务Includes firms specialized in helping businesses and others to promote and market their products and services via social media applications, it involves preparation of plans to attract and retain customers, as well as coordinating to purchase an advertising space and to identify the range of targeted customer segment.包括专门帮助企业和其他人通过社交媒体应用程序推广和营销他们的产品和服务的公司,它涉及制定吸引和留住客户的计划,以及协调购买广告空间和确定目标客户群的范围.Professional
6311001Data Classification & Analysis Services数据分类与分析服务Includes firms specialized in evaluating and analyzing data provided by public and private entities, as well as classifying according to their common characteristics, in order to discover useful information, informing conclusions, and supporting decision-making by said entities, with the goal of improving the investment returns and optimally utilize the resources, as well as enhancing the capabilities of such entities as regarding solving present problems and future challenges, involving using different techniques to carry out the service including artificial intelligence.包括专门评估和分析公共和私人实体提供的数据,并根据其共同特征进行分类的公司,以发现有用的信息、得出结论并支持上述实体的决策,目的是提高投资回报和资源的优化利用,以及提高这些实体解决当前问题和未来挑战的能力,包括使用不同的技术来开展包括人工智能在内的服务。Professional
6311005Electronic Directory电子目录Includes firms engaged in listings of businesses and search functionality of the business database, especially restaurants and services facilities, by business name, vicinity maps, company profiles, product information, in order to allow searches using computers and smart phones to find businesses via said different particulars.包括从事企业列表和企业数据库搜索功能的公司,特别是餐馆和服务设施,按企业名称、附近地图、公司简介、产品信息,以便允许使用计算机和智能手机搜索通过上述不同细节。Professional
6311006Data Entry Services数据录入服务Includes firms which provide data entry services to computer systems and programs, the process involves ordinary data entry and documents scanning for final electronic storing. It involves converting data from one computer language to another. Such services are carried by specialized firms for others against remunerations, firms perform said services for themselves are not listed under this activity包括为计算机系统和程序提供数据输入服务的公司,该过程涉及普通数据输入和用于最终电子存储的文件扫描。它涉及将数据从一种计算机语言转换为另一种计算机语言。此类服务由专业公司为他人提供报酬,为自己提供上述服务的公司未列入本活动Professional
6311007Internet Content Provider互联网内容提供商Includes firms specialized in providing the internet sites with contents and make them available for users.包括专门为互联网站点提供内容并使其可供用户使用的公司。Professional
6311009Computer System Housing Services计算机系统房屋服务Includes firms engaged in providing concerned companies and corporations with housing services to their computers and communication systems by means of securing them the adequate operational environment as well as providing them with the maintenance and the connections with communication networks.包括通过为相关公司和公司提供适当的操作环境以及为其提供维护和与通信网络的连接,为其计算机和通信系统提供住房服务的公司。Professional
6311010Cloud Service & Datacenters Providers云服务和数据中心提供商Includes firms that offer elements of cloud computing, such as software or platform as services provided in the cloud.包括提供云计算元素的公司,例如软件或平台作为云中提供的服务。Professional
6311011Datacenter Colocation Services数据中心托管服务Includes firms hosting and maintaining an organization’s owned servers, including space, power, cooling and network resources.包括托管和维护组织自有服务器的公司,包括空间、电力、冷却和网络资源。Professional
6311101IT InfrastructureIT基础设施Includes firms specialized in laying the technical foundations of the information technology, which comprises the network, the systems and the data bases. It also involves firms engaged in preparing the consultative studies alongwith the installations of the network and the systems.包括专门为信息技术奠定技术基础的公司,包括网络、系统和数据库。它还涉及参与准备咨询研究以及网络和系统安装的公司。Professional
6312004Portal门户网站Includes firms operating websites that act as portals to the internet, via PCs and digital devices, to link buyers and sellers as well as services providers and users together to make deals, it also involves listing sellers’ products as well as hotel rates to make consumers shop online and travelers to make hotel reservations, the role of such firms is restricted to brokerage only apart from finalizing the transactions between said parties.包括运营作为互联网门户网站的公司,通过个人电脑和数字设备将买家和卖家以及服务提供商和用户联系在一起进行交易,还包括列出卖家的产品和酒店价格以吸引消费者在线购物和旅行者进行酒店预订,这些公司的作用仅限于经纪业务,除了完成上述各方之间的交易。Professional
6312005Therapeutic Services Brokerage Via Electronic Media通过电子媒体的治疗服务经纪Includes firms operating interactive platform which connects licensed healthcare providers and patients via electronic media, smart apps, it involves entering into contracts between the healthcare providers and the platform to enable the patients booking appointments with doctors, radiology centers and clinical Laboratories, obtaining medications prescriptions and dispensing at the pharmacies, medical follow-up during the treatment, creating electronic health record containing the medical history for the patient, coordinating the approval of the Insurance companies, the role of such firms is restricted to brokerage only apart from the provision of therapeutic services and consultancies.包括运营互动平台的公司,该平台通过电子媒体、智能应用程序连接许可的医疗保健提供者和患者,涉及在医疗保健提供者和平台之间签订合同,使患者能够与医生、放射中心和临床实验室预约,获得药物处方和在药房配药,治疗期间的医疗随访,为患者创建包含病史的电子健康记录,协调保险公司的批准,除了提供治疗服务外,这些公司的作用仅限于经纪和咨询。Professional
6312101Blogging Services博客服务Includes bloggers who establish regular personal journal or diary on the internet to record their thoughts, opinions, or experiences and make available for other people to read and respond to.包括在互联网上建立定期个人日记或日记以记录他们的想法、意见或经验并供其他人阅读和回应的博主。Professional
6399001Press Materials Editing & Distributing新闻资料编辑和分发Includes firms which undertake press interviews and reports, work out reports, research, studies and archive materials needed by newspapers and magazines and distribute said materials to said press firms according to their needs.包括接受新闻采访和报道,编制报刊杂志所需的报道、研究、研究和存档材料,并根据需要将这些材料分发给该新闻公司的公司。Professional
6399003Non-Commercial Information Services非商业信息服务Includes providing non commercial information, apart from financial, economic and social information, through telephone, sms, radio and T.V, the information include events, weather forecast, ships and flights schedules, radio & T.V. programs, pharmacies on duty, prayer times, emergency contact details, and other similar information.包括提供非商业信息,除金融、经济和社会信息外,通过电话、短信、广播和电视,信息包括事件、天气预报、船舶和航班时刻表、广播和电视节目、值班药房、祈祷时间、紧急情况联系方式和其他类似信息。Professional
6399005Media Monitoring Services媒体监控服务Includes firms entrusted by their clients to monitor all types’ media like newspapers, magazines, TVs, radios, websites news portal and social media networks, in order to capture topics related to said clients, then notify them about it, to enable them use in enhancing their quality of service and the way of communicating with their audience and customers.包括受客户委托监控所有类型媒体的公司,如报纸、杂志、电视、广播、网站、新闻门户和社交媒体网络,以捕捉与所述客户相关的话题,然后通知他们,使他们能够使用提高他们的服务质量以及与观众和客户沟通的方式。Professional
6499019Forfaiting Services福费廷服务Includes firms engaged in purchasing commercial bills and credit documents or other receivables at certain discount by paying cash, thus the forfaiter frees the exporter or the beneficiary from the debt and becomes the entity to whom the importer will pay, the documents involve normal, deferred and standby letters of credit, promissory notes, bills of exchange, irrevocable payments guarantees.包括通过支付现金以一定折扣购买商业票据和信用证或其他应收款的公司,从而使出口商或受益人免于债务,成为进口商将向其付款的实体,单据涉及正常、递延和备用信用证、本票、汇票、不可撤销的付款担保。Professional
6619002Banking Consultant银行顾问Includes firms engaged in advising individuals and businesses on planning various banking issues, such as, saving, cash flow, also, rendering consultancy on the appropriate funding as well as the better terms of short and long term borrowing and the interest rates包括为个人和企业规划各种银行问题(例如储蓄、现金流)提供咨询的公司,还就适当的资金以及短期和长期借款和利率的更好条款提供咨询Professional
6619003Financial Instruments Quotation Services金融工具报价服务Includes firms specialized in displaying full range of data of the financial instruments derived from international exchanges via different media, such as newspapers, radio, TV, internet …etc.包括专门通过报纸、广播、电视、互联网等不同媒体展示国际交易所衍生的金融工具全系列数据的公司。Professional
6619004Loans & Overdues Rescheduling Services贷款和逾期重新安排服务Services Includes providing advisory services to persons and corporations who failed to manage their borrowings and overdue claims, and so became under overspending situation which leads to social and legal problems, it involves advising on how to organize the cash flow and mediating between borrowers and defaulters in one hand and banks and official departments on the other to reach a workable rescheduling program.服务 包括为未能管理借款和逾期索赔的个人和公司提供咨询服务,从而导致出现社会和法律问题的超支情况,包括就如何组织现金流量以及在借款人和违约者之间进行调解提供建议一方面与银行和官方部门达成一个可行的重新安排计划。Professional
6619006Pawn Consultant典当顾问Includes firms specialized in offering advisory on how to pledge possessions to get loans from financial institution, including selection of a financial institutions , how to make and release a pawn, preparation and submission of documents , explain the implications of breaking financing and pledging in mid term , refinancing and pledging fully paid properties , re- pledging and transfer to another financer , evaluation of financing rates , such firms are not allowed to practice the activity for themselves.包括专门提供有关如何质押财产以从金融机构获得贷款的咨询的公司,包括金融机构的选择,如何制作和释放典当,准备和提交文件,解释中断融资和中期质押的影响。 ,再融资和质押全额财产,再质押和转让给另一个融资人,评估融资利率,此类公司不得为自己进行活动。Professional
6619015Collateral Management Services抵押品管理服务Includes firms specialized in providing custodial and management services in respect of goods pledged or charged to banks and other financial institutions, they mainly receive, store and latter release said goods in accordance with the terms of the agreement concluded between them and other involved parties.包括专门为向银行和其他金融机构质押或抵押的货物提供托管和管理服务的公司,它们主要按照其与其他相关方达成的协议条款接收、储存和后放行该货物。Professional
6619017Credit Review Services信用审查服务Includes credit applications submitted to banks by borrowers and were refused due to being outside the credit criteria or being non-complying to the banks’ regulations, it involves helping these borrowers resubmitting their applications after corrections and complying to the requirements.包括借款人向银行提交的信用申请,因不符合信用标准或不符合银行规定而被拒绝,包括帮助这些借款人在更正并符合要求后重新提交申请。Professional
6619018Financing Broker融资经纪人Includes firms act as facilitator between borrowers, whether persons looking for personal loans or businesses for purchasing, developing or expanding the business, and lenders, it involves assisting them on securing the right finance from banks or other lending institutions.包括公司充当借款人之间的促进者,无论是寻求个人贷款的人还是购买、开发或扩展业务的企业,以及贷款人,这涉及协助他们从银行或其他贷款机构获得正确的融资。Professional
6619101Prepaid Cards Management Services预付卡管理服务Includes firms engaged in managing prepaid cards as a third party processing agent, including sales and marketing, managing public relations with other commercial entities, data entry and records keeping, cards and PIN delivery, operations support, handle the financial and accounting formalities related to clearing and settling the stored values for the cardholders.包括作为第三方处理代理从事预付卡管理的公司,包括销售和营销、管理与其他商业实体的公共关系、数据输入和记录保存、卡和 PIN 传送、运营支持、处理与清算相关的财务和会计手续并为持卡人结算存储的价值。Professional
6621003Claims Settlement Services理赔服务Includes offices specialized in managing and settling claims arising from transactions involving insurance , such claims arise when said parties become unaware of what legally due to them when the contracts concluded between them are violated, practicing this activity requires in-depth knowledge of rules and regulating laws, no debt collection or tax reclaim are included.包括专门管理和解决涉及保险交易的索赔的办公室,当当事人在违反他们之间签订的合同时不知道他们的法律责任时,就会产生此类索赔,从事这项活动需要深入了解规则和规范法律,不包括收债或退税。Professional
6621006Health Insurance Claims Management健康保险理赔管理Includes firms engaged in settling the claims with healthcare providers on behalf of insurance companies or the self-financing programs, in order to recover the claims from the insured weather being individuals or public or private entities in accordance with a universal medical coding guideline.包括代表保险公司或自筹资金计划与医疗保健提供者解决索赔的公司,以便根据通用医疗编码指南从个人或公共或私人实体的受保天气中收回索赔。Professional
6810007Business Center商业中心Includes complexes comprising furnished and technically supported offices in order to become professional business environment, the support involves reception, telephone answering and mail, internet access, meeting rooms, secretarial services, airlines booking, hotel reservation, it includes also document processing and clearing for the businessmen located in the center, office occupancy in the center should not exceed four years包括由家具和技术支持的办公室组成的综合体,以成为专业的商业环境,支持包括接待、电话接听和邮件、互联网接入、会议室、秘书服务、航空公司预订、酒店预订,还包括文件处理和清算位于中心的商人,在中心的办公室占用不应超过四年Professional
6810009Multi Restaurants Center多餐厅中心Includes a common area comprising several shops designed and furnished and leased as food vendors and coffee shops, customers may take the food inside such vendors or in surrounding a shared common seating area.包括一个公共区域,包括几个设计、布置和租赁为食品供应商和咖啡店的商店,顾客可以在这些供应商内或在共享的公共座位区周围取食。Professional
6910003Patent & Industrial Property Agent专利及工业产权代理人Includes offices specialized in preparing documents, completing legal and technical requirements, making the legal procedures to register patents and industrial designs with the competent bodies and obtaining certificates to this effect issued in return for fixed fees.包括专门负责准备文件、完成法律和技术要求、制定向主管机构注册专利和工业品外观设计的法律程序以及以固定费用获得相关证书的办公室。Professional
6910004Trade Marks Registration Agent商标注册代理Includes offices specialized in preparing documents, completing legal and technical requirements and formalities to register trademarks with the competent authorities and obtaining the due certificates.包括专门负责准备文件、完成法律和技术要求以及向主管当局注册商标并获得适当证书的办公室。Professional
6910005Intellectual Property Registration Agent知识产权登记代理人Includes offices specialized in preparing documents, completing legal and technical requirements and formalities to register intellectual property, which is manifested in artistic forms, with the competent bodies and obtaining the due certificates.包括专门准备文件、完成法律和技术要求以及手续以向主管机构登记以艺术形式表现的知识产权并获得适当证书的办公室。Professional
6910012Author's Copyrights & Neighboring Rights Collective Management Services作者版权及邻接权集体管理服务Includes firms specialized in protecting authors' copyrights through handling their representation , contract management , collect copyrights proceeds in return of contribution in domain of literature , drama , music , cinema and arts , also , to care for neighboring which involves individuals and corporations that perform and produce the authors intellectual production.包括专门通过代理、合同管理等方式保护作者版权的公司,收集版权收益以回报文学、戏剧、音乐、电影和艺术领域的贡献,以及关心邻居,其中涉及表演和表演的个人和公司。生产作者的智力生产。Professional
6920002Tax Consultant税务顾问Includes specialized firms engaged in tax advisory to UAE businesses on the VAT as well as tax levied abroad reclaim, also, advising foreign companies in UAE on how to avert double taxation, how to implement tax treaties between countries, reviewing the periodical forms and statements of the companies, the minimal qualifications required is bachelor degree in business administration, economics, law, accounting or a related discipline, along with three years hands-on experience.包括为阿联酋企业提供关于增值税和海外征税退税的税务咨询的专业公司,还就如何避免双重征税、如何执行国家之间的税收协定、审查定期表格和报表向阿联酋的外国公司提供建议。这些公司的最低资格要求是工商管理、经济学、法律、会计或相关学科的学士学位,以及三年的实践经验。Professional
6920003Accounting & Bookkeeping会计和簿记Includes the offices specialized in setting and designing accounting systems for companies and firms, designing accounting documents, records and books, setting documentary cycles or other accounting processes. These offices offer services against fixed fees, but may not examine or audit accounts.包括专门为公司和公司设置和设计会计系统、设计会计文件、记录和账簿、设置文件周期或其他会计流程的办公室。这些办事处提供固定收费服务,但不得检查或审计账目。Professional
6920004Recovery Analysis Services恢复分析服务Includes firms engaged in business systems, data and documentation analytics to other firms, with specific focus on commercial transaction accuracy, identifying any underpayments or overpayments made by a client in its business dealings with third parties, and advise on recovering overpayments where identified in the analysis.包括对其他公司进行业务系统、数据和文档分析的公司,特别关注商业交易的准确性,识别客户在与第三方的业务交易中的任何少付或多付的情况,并就分析中确定的追回多付的情况提供建议.Professional
6920007Taxation Procedures Follow-up税务程序跟进any Person registered with the Authority in the Register, who is appointed on behalf of another Person to represent him before the Authority and assist him in the fulfilment of his Tax obligations and the exercise of his associated tax rights, the minimal qualifications required is bachelor degree in business administration, economics, law, accounting or a related discipline.任何在登记册上在管理局注册的人,被任命代表另一个人在管理局面前代表他并协助他履行其纳税义务和行使相关的税收权利,所需的最低资格是学士学位工商管理、经济学、法律、会计或相关学科。Professional
6920008Restructuring of Financial Regulation & Bankruptcy Services金融监管和破产服务的重组Includes firms specialized in providing services regarding organizing the bankruptcy protection measures and the restructuring and financial regulation of businesses and individuals, including conducting studies of asset re-evaluation, debt restructuring, capital alternatives, increase of internal cash flows, reducing the operation cost of the institution and directing savings towards increasing of efficiency, the minimal qualifications required is bachelor degree in accounting, finance, along with three years hands-on experience.包括专门提供组织破产保护措施和企业和个人的重组和金融监管服务的公司,包括进行资产重估、债务重组、资本替代、增加内部现金流、降低运营成本的研究。机构和指导储蓄以提高效率,所需的最低资格是会计、金融学士学位,以及三年的实践经验。Professional
6920101Billing services Provider计费服务提供商Includes firms engaged in the billing services on behalf of landlords, master developers, owner associations and other service providers, who pay the charges of the utilities consumed by the occupants and beneficiaries and want to recover the charges from each individual unit, it involves collecting consumption data, calculate charging and billing information, produce bills to customers, process their payments…etc.包括代表房东、主开发商、业主协会和其他服务提供商从事计费服务的公司,他们支付居住者和受益人消耗的公用事业费用,并希望从每个单独的单位收回费用,这涉及收集消耗数据、计算收费和计费信息、向客户生成账单、处理他们的付款等。Professional
7010001Managing Office管理办公室Includes offices opened by an industrial or commercial firms or company in order to organize the administrative and office affairs of the same. Thus, these offices are not allowed to practice any commercial works. They must also be linked to an industrial or commercial establishment, previously licensed.包括由工业或商业公司或公司开设的办公室,以组织其行政和办公事务。因此,这些办公室不得从事任何商业工作。它们还必须与先前获得许可的工业或商业机构相关联。Professional
7010004Companies Representation公司代表Includes firms act as representative of foreign companies or enterprises in the UAE, as per contracts and authorizations, in order to promote their products and services, boost business, or facilitate commercial agreements between the principals the potential customers, contacting local businesses to encourage imports from the principals, such firms are not allowed to carry out any trading activities by themselves.包括公司作为外国公​​司或企业在阿联酋的代表,根据合同和授权,以推广他们的产品和服务,促进业务,或促进潜在客户委托人之间的商业协议,联系当地企业以鼓励从阿联酋进口委托人,此类公司不得自行开展任何交易活动。Professional
7010006Corporate Services Provider (CSP)企业服务提供商 (CSP)Includes firms providing assistance in companies’ registration and establishing their businesses on behalf of its founding members, assists companies in their partnerships with foreign companies, provision of secretarial and other related services, it excludes provision of any kind of legal services..包括协助公司注册和代表其创始成员开展业务的公司,协助公司与外国公司建立伙伴关系,提供秘书和其他相关服务,不包括提供任何类型的法律服务。Professional
7010009Management Services管理服务Includes offices founded by businessmen to care for and reserve their interests in the establishments they own and the companies where they hold shares, such firms are not allowed to practice the activity no. 7499-20 Facilities Management Services.包括由商人设立的办公室,以照顾和保留他们在他们拥有的机构和他们持有股份的公司中的利益,此类公司不得从事第 1 号活动。 7499-20 设施管理服务。Professional
7020001Public Relations Management公共关系管理Includes firms perform as connecting link between commercial entities and the media to introduce and shed light on their activities and achievements as well as promoting corporate image through leaflets, produce information reflecting transparency, establish positive relations with customers by visits and participation in gatherings, enhance their employees sense of belonging.包括企业作为商业实体和媒体之间的纽带,介绍和阐明他们的活动和成就,通过传单宣传企业形象,制作反映透明度的信息,通过访问和参加聚会与客户建立积极的关系,提高他们的员工的归属感。Professional
7020002Feasibility Studies Consultancies可行性研究咨询Includes firms which prepare technical and economic feasibility studies on the new projects to determine the profitability of these projects over a period of operation, such firms are not allowed to conduct field surveys and questionnaire before getting approval from the competent authority.包括对新项目进行技术和经济可行性研究以确定这些项目在运营期间的盈利能力的公司,此类公司未经主管部门批准不得进行实地调查和问卷调查。Professional
7020003Management Consultancies管理咨询Includes providing administrative consultancies and studies to organizations to help them improve their performance, through the analysis of existing organizational problems and the development of plans for improvement., it involves procedural engineering, laying out flow-charts and related documents circulation, internal policy formulation, organizational restructuring, strategic plans development, innovating work procedures, designing balanced scorecards, such firms are not allowed to conduct field surveys and questionnaire before getting approval from the competent authority, the minimal qualifications required is Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Economics or related discipline, along with three years hands-on experience.包括为组织提供行政咨询和研究,通过分析现有组织问题和制定改进计划,帮助他们提高绩效。它涉及程序工程,布置流程图和相关文件流通,内部政策制定,组织结构调整、战略规划制定、创新工作流程、设计平衡计分卡等,未经主管部门批准,不得进行实地调查和问卷调查,最低学历为工商管理、经济学或相关专业本科学历,以及三年的实践经验。Professional
7020004Hotel Consultants酒店顾问Includes specialized firms engaged in preparing marketing and feasibility studies alongwith the required surveys and field questionnaires, in addition to providing technical consultancies in connection with investing in hotels or any hotel related services whether to the new projects or for enhancing the existing ones.包括参与准备营销和可行性研究以及所需调查和现场问卷调查的专业公司,此外还提供与投资酒店或任何酒店相关服务相关的技术咨询,无论是新项目还是增强现有项目。Professional
7020005Media Studies & Consultancies媒体研究与咨询Includes providing services and consultancies pertaining to printing, publishing, issuing newspapers and magazines, radio and television and motion picture production. It also includes conferences, seminars and ceremonies organizing related services, in addition to providing studies and information to organizations engaged media production, organizing and planning, such firms are not allowed to conduct field surveys and questionnaire before getting approval from the competent authority.包括提供与印刷、出版、发行报纸和杂志、广播电视和电影制作有关的服务和咨询。还包括组织相关服务的会议、研讨会和仪式,除向从事媒体制作、组织和策划的组织提供研究和信息外,未经主管部门批准,此类公司不得进行实地调查和问卷调查。Professional
7020006Quality & Standardization Consultants质量和标准化顾问Includes firms engaged in services consultancies aiming at improving the standard of quality of the services and products which are provided by the services and the industrial sectors. It also includes providing standardization consultancies on services and products to confirm with standard specifications.包括从事服务咨询的公司,旨在提高服务和工业部门提供的服务和产品的质量标准。它还包括提供服务和产品的标准化咨询,以确认标准规格。Professional
7020008Human Resource Consultants.人力资源顾问。Includes firms specialized in preparing studies and consultancies concerning manpower planning as well as improving its performance through studying the problems encounter the employee. These problems could be technical, psychological or behavioral. The process involves analyzing the problem and then seek the proper solution by means of reports, advising, consulting, and designing of professional and administrative programs and to propose the adequate training to overcome the employee problems and enhancing his performance, it involves provision of consultancy to establish corporate cultural transformation to ensure that the values of the business and the heads of the companies are in line with their teams, in order to establish harmonious team with shared values and visions conducive to overall engagement and happiness.包括专门准备有关人力规划的研究和咨询以及通过研究员工遇到的问题来提高其绩效的公司。这些问题可能是技术、心理或行为方面的。该过程包括分析问题,然后通过报告、建议、咨询、专业和行政方案设计等方式寻求适当的解决方案,并提出适当的培训以克服员工问题并提高其绩效,包括提供咨询以建立企业文化转型,确保企业价值观和公司负责人与其团队一致,以建立和谐的团队,价值观和愿景有利于整体参与和幸福。Professional
7020009Waste management & Recycling Consultancy废物管理和回收咨询Includes firms specializes in providing professional advice on how to manage and monitor waste materials, whether to reduce their effect on health and environment or to obtain the ISO accreditation, it involves advising on eliminating waste through resources recovery practices like recycling materials.包括专门就如何管理和监控废物材料提供专业建议的公司,无论是减少它们对健康和环境的影响还是获得 ISO 认证,它涉及通过资源回收实践(如回收材料)消除废物的建议。Professional
7020010Facilities Resources Planning Consultancy设施资源规划顾问Includes firms engaged in conducting studies and consultancies as regarding various alternatives available to a firm in order to achieve the optimum utilization of resources, thus the firm is enabled to minimize utilization of inputs and energy, as well as impact on environment.包括就公司可用的各种替代方案进行研究和咨询的公司,以实现资源的最佳利用,从而使公司能够最大限度地减少投入和能源的利用以及对环境的影响。Professional
7020014Health Planning Consultancies健康规划咨询A facility licensed by health authorities to be specialized in providing consultation and feasibility studies for health facilities (licensed or under licensing process ) to determine requirements of medical equipment and supplies, technical staff and qualification, as well as providing suggestions on health facility engineering layout , set up health quality assurance program to promote services level according to the international medical standards.经卫生主管部门许可,专门为(许可或正在许可过程中的)医疗设施提供咨询和可行性研究的设施,以确定医疗设备和用品、技术人员和资格的要求,并提供医疗设施工程布局建议,建立健康质量保证计划,以按照国际医疗标准提升服务水平。Professional
7020015Fine Arts Consultancies美术顾问Includes establishments specialized in working out studies and scientific essays and giving consultancies on fine arts and handicrafts such as drawing, sculpture, photography, glass or wood carving, pottery and metal molding etc. with the purpose of producing art works used in ornamenting houses and public halls. Included also are consultancies on the various art design of cards, postal stamps, logos, prizes, commercials etc.包括专门从事研究和科学论文以及提供美术和手工艺品咨询的机构,例如绘画、雕塑、摄影、玻璃或木雕、陶器和金属成型等,目的是制作用于装饰房屋和公共场所的艺术作品大厅。还包括对卡片、邮票、标志、奖品、广告等的各种艺术设计的咨询。Professional
7020016Music Consultant音乐顾问Includes firms which provide consultation on the organization of events such as recitals, concerts, dance, chamber music, etc., as well as consultation on instrumental education and performance. This also includes promotional activities for performers and events through a licensed media provider.包括就独奏会、音乐会、舞蹈、室内乐等活动的组织提供咨询以及器乐教育和表演方面的咨询的公司。这还包括通过获得许可的媒体提供商为表演者和活动进行的促销活动。Professional
7020019Spa & Fitness Clubs Consultant水疗和健身俱乐部顾问Includes firms engaged in technical studying and consulting over investing in spa and fitness clubs, as regarding location and architectural design, technical and economic feasibility, operational and administrative analysis, and marketing and promotional plans.包括在投资水疗和健身俱乐部方面从事技术研究和咨询的公司,涉及位置和建筑设计、技术和经济可行性、运营和行政分析以及营销和促销计划。Professional
7020020Project Development Consultant项目开发顾问Includes firms specialized in providing studies and consultancies on the development of the projects carried out by real estate investment companies and others, including , project elements , draw up strategies of development opportunities , economic feasibility and marketing , revising development requirements and obstacles , supervising execution progress, the minimal qualifications required is bachelor degree in business administration or engineering, along with three years hands-on experience, it’s not allowed to use this activity to practice engineering consultancies.包括专门为房地产投资公司等开展的项目的开发提供研究和咨询的公司,包括项目要素制定开发机会战略经济可行性和营销修改开发要求和障碍监督执行进度。 , 最低学历要求为工商管理或工程学士学位,并有三年实践经验,不得利用此活动从事工程咨询工作。Professional
7020022Cost Control & Risk Management Services成本控制和风险管理服务Includes firms which help others in taking steps to control and ensure that the actual cost of production do not exceed the standard cost set in advance in the planning stage, it involves risk management which implies identifying the risks encounter organizations, then assessing the risks, and finally to take steps and develop strategies to enable avoiding the risk or reduce it’s negative effects or transfer to another party.包括帮助他人采取措施控制和确保实际生产成本不超过在计划阶段预先设定的标准成本的公司,它涉及风险管理,这意味着识别遇到的风险组织,然后评估风险,以及最后采取措施并制定策略,以避免风险或减少其负面影响或转移给另一方。Professional
7020023Sourcing & Procurement Consultant采购顾问Includes firms engaged in sourcing and procurement consultancies, including purchase analysis to determine where to achieve savings, point out the system defects to overcome, so as to minimize the cost, determine the purchases specifications and tender procedures, advise on purchasing sources by rendering to the best standards as might involve E- commerce, also, advising on compliance to contracts and purchasing policies and procedures, how to impose strategic plans for purchasing policies and compliance with signed contracts as well as anti- fraud polices in this regard, the minimal qualifications required is bachelor degree in business administration, economics, accounting, finance, along with three years hands-on experience.包括从事采购和采购咨询的公司,包括采购分析以确定在何处实现节约,指出需要克服的系统缺陷,以最大限度地降低成本,确定采购规格和招标程序,通过向供应商提供采购来源建议可能涉及电子商务的最佳标准,还就合同和采购政策和程序的合规性提出建议,如何为采购政策和已签署的合同的合规性实施战略计划以及在这方面的反欺诈政策,所需的最低资格拥有工商管理、经济学、会计、金融学士学位,以及三年的实践经验。Professional
7020025Food & Dairy Consultant食品和乳制品顾问Includes providing consultancy on food as well as health food to provide a key liaison between marketing and product development to meet the increasing needs to acquire fundamental knowledge and skills in food concepts, involving also, development of new recipes, sourcing raw material and ingredients, design and sourcing of machinery and method of production, also, packaging, cost, quality compliance auditing and project management and marketing.包括提供食品和保健食品方面的咨询,在营销和产品开发之间提供关键联络,以满足日益增长的获取食品概念基本知识和技能的需求,还包括开发新食谱、采购原材料和配料、设计以及机械和生产方法的采购,以及包装、成本、质量合规审计以及项目管理和营销。Professional
7020026Technical Installations Consultancies技术安装咨询Includes offering technical consultancy services related to electronic installations, audio-visual systems, TV and radio production and lighting techniques to studios, theatres, conference rooms and educational laboratories. It involves determining the proper equipment, their descriptions, assessing their purchasing bids and the supervision over the technical execution.包括为演播室、剧院、会议室和教育实验室提供与电子装置、视听系统、电视和广播制作以及照明技术相关的技术咨询服务。它涉及确定合适的设备、它们的描述、评估他们的采购投标和对技术执行的监督。Professional
7020027Pharmaceutical Consultancies医药顾问Includes firms specialized in offering consultancy on the use of human and veterinary medicines, their manufacturers and storage methods to hospitals, pharmacies, doctors, clinics, medical institutes and colleges, the minimal qualifications required is bachelor degree in Pharmaceutical Science, along with three years hands-on experience.包括专门为医院、药房、医生、诊所、医疗机构和大学提供人用和兽药使用、制造商和储存方法咨询的公司,所需的最低资格是药学学士学位,以及三年的手- 经验。Professional
7020028Logistics Consultancy物流咨询Includes firms specialized in providing objective management advice and solutions to supply chain problems as well as providing methodology for improving performance, this involves analyzing the distribution network and delivering practical solutions, facilities and warehouses design and improvement, audit the operation and identify the potentials for improvements.包括专门为供应链问题提供客观管理建议和解决方案以及提供改进绩效方法的公司,这涉及分析分销网络并提供实用的解决方案、设施和仓库设计和改进、审核运营并确定改进的潜力.Professional
7020030Parliamentary Consultancy议会顾问Includes providing specialized consultancies and studies on the legislative and control roles of parliament, as well as the parliamentary diplomacy, this involves how to draft and analyze legislations, application of modern parliamentary studies, preparation of minutes and reports of sessions and committees, preparation of the proposed agenda for the parliament activities, preparation of the files of interparliamentary activities. Preparation of guidelines of different aspects, the minimal degree required is bachelor degree in law or business or economics or political sciences, along with three years hands-on experience.包括就议会的立法和控制作用以及议会外交提供专业咨询和研究,这涉及如何起草和分析立法、现代议会研究的应用、准备会议记录和会议和委员会的报告、准备议会活动的拟议议程,议会间活动档案的准备。准备不同方面的指南,最低要求是法律或商业或经济学或政治学的学士学位,以及三年的实践经验。Professional
7020031Cooking Consultant烹饪顾问Includes the provision of advice, guidance and operational assistance to hotels, restaurants, clubs, and other professionals in the hospitality industry as regarding how to skillfully preparing meals, helping create the recipes, demonstrate knowledge of the science of food, understanding of diet and nutrition, plan and execute cooking demonstrations in TV stations or any other place.包括向酒店、餐厅、俱乐部和酒店业的其他专业人士提供有关如何巧妙准备膳食、帮助创建食谱、展示食品科学知识、了解饮食和营养等方面的建议、指导和运营协助,在电视台或任何其他地方策划和执行烹饪示范。Professional
7020033Tourism & Recreation Consultants旅游与休闲顾问Includes specialized firms engaged in preparing marketing and feasibility studies along with the required surveys and field questionnaires, involving identifying opportunities for new tourist facilities and services, business plans and project evaluations programs, project management.包括从事营销和可行性研究以及所需调查和实地问卷调查的专业公司,包括确定新旅游设施和服务的机会、商业计划和项目评估计划、项目管理。Professional
7020035Radiology Centers Consultancy放射中心咨询Includes specialized in providing consultancy and technical feasibility studies for radiology departments in the medical diagnostic centers and assistance in the selection of appropriate hardware, also efficiently managing and operating such facilities, the installation and operation of the picture archiving and communication system (PACS).包括专门为医疗诊断中心的放射科提供咨询和技术可行性研究,协助选择合适的硬件,有效地管理和操作这些设施,安装和操作图片存档和通信系统 (PACS)。Professional
7020036Health Consultancies健康咨询Includes firms engaged providing expertise, guidance and advice to health care organizations in order to improve business functions and ensure patient safety, as well promoting health and prevent disease through holistic approach, areas of consultancy involve reviewing regulatory compliance, assessing staffing needs and resources, communicate with clients in order to identify operational problems and inefficiencies, hospitals renovations and restructuring, IT solutions, the minimal degree required is Bsc. in health care administration or a related discipline, along with three years hands-on experience包括为医疗保健组织提供专业知识、指导和建议以改善业务功能和确保患者安全以及通过整体方法促进健康和预防疾病的公司,咨询领域包括审查法规遵从性、评估人员配备需求和资源、沟通与客户一起确定运营问题和低效率、医院翻新和重组、IT 解决方案,最低要求是 Bsc。在卫生保健管理或相关学科,以及三年的实践经验Professional
7020037Maritime Consultancies Services海事咨询服务Includes firms specialized in providing consultancy in the different marine fields, such as, shipbuilding and repairing contracts, ships buying, selling, operating and chartering contracts, Inspection of ships, registration and issuance of certificates, marine debts and guarantees of releasing arrested ships, marine pollution damage and claims, the minimal qualifications required is bachelor degree in business administration, economics, law, or a related discipline , along with three years hands-on experience.包括专门在不同海洋领域提供咨询的公司,如船舶建造和修理合同、船舶买卖、经营和租赁合同、船舶检验、登记和签发证书、海事债务和释放被扣船的担保、海事污染损害和索赔,所需的最低资格是工商管理、经济学、法律或相关学科的学士学位,以及三年的实践经验。Professional
7020039Innovation & Artificial Intelligence Research & Consultancies创新与人工智能研究与咨询Includes firms specialized in providing studies and consultancies on innovation to technical and administrative personnel in the public and private sector to stimulate extraordinary thinking procedures and innovative solutions to the challenges comforting them, also, providing the same on artificial intelligence which is based on computers that capable of imitating the intelligent human behavior to understand future developments包括专门为公共和私营部门的技术和行政人员提供创新研究和咨询的公司,以激发非凡的思维程序和创新解决方案来应对挑战,同时也提供基于计算机的人工智能模仿智能人类行为以了解未来发展Professional
7110208Buildings Energy Efficiency Services建筑节能服务Includes providing consultancies and designs aiming at reducing energy use in buildings through optimal utilization of the resources and developing solutions to minimize electricity and water consumption, the services target the cooling and ventilation systems, lighting, lifts and pumps, water systems.包括提供咨询和设计,旨在通过资源的优化利用和开发解决方案以最大限度地减少电力和水的消耗来减少建筑物的能源使用,服务针对冷却和通风系统、照明、电梯和泵、供水系统。Professional
7110404Oil & Natural Gas Exploration Consultancies石油和天然气勘探咨询Includes firms having experience and knowledge which provide consultancies to the facilities involved in oil and gas industry as regarding optimize production and mitigate potential issues associated with oil and gas exploration and production, including reservoir issues, production fluids, geological issues, productivity decline, corrosion testing, production delays, risk analysis and assessment.包括具有经验和知识的公司,为石油和天然气行业的设施提供有关优化生产和减轻与石油和天然气勘探和生产相关的潜在问题的咨询,包括储层问题、生产流体、地质问题、生产力下降、腐蚀测试、生产延误、风险分析和评估。Professional
7110936Building Maquette & Model Making Technical Services建筑模型和模型制作技术服务Includes firms which make building maquettes and models, or engineering designs, models and forms of tools, vessels etc.包括制作建筑模型和模型,或工程设计、模型和工具、容器等形式的公司。Professional
7110937Architectural Prospective Drawings Services建筑远景绘图服务Includes firms specialized in offering architectural prospective drawings services for all buildings and civil projects, showing relations with other standing, neighboring projects, buildings or elevations and natural scenery. These services also include drawing up horizontal and vertical sections of these buildings and projects.包括专门为所有建筑物和土木项目提供建筑预期图纸服务的公司,展示与其他立项、相邻项目、建筑物或立面和自然景观的关系。这些服务还包括绘制这些建筑物和项目的水平和垂直部分。Professional
7110939Products Design Services产品设计服务Includes designing the models of products prior to mechanical or manual production, furniture and personal household and professional appliances are involved. It includes pre-manufacturing drawings, setting technical specifications, materials and production costs calculation, and testing to ensure compliance of materials with safety and quality standards.包括在机械或手工生产之前设计产品模型,涉及家具和个人家用和专业电器。它包括预制图、设定技术规格、材料和生产成本计算以及测试以确保材料符合安全和质量标准。Professional
7110941Geographical Maps Drawing地理地图绘制Includes preparing natural, political and civil geographical maps, whether digital or linear, also includes preparing topographical and contour designs as well as analytical reporting.包括准备自然、政治和民用地理地图,无论是数字地图还是线性地图,还包括准备地形和轮廓设计以及分析报告。Professional
7110958Radiation Consultant辐射顾问Includes firms engaged in advisory and supervisory services on the use of radiation in workplace, also, enhancing the safety awareness for users of radiation in medical facilities for diagnosis and therapy, or for radioactive materials transporters, including calibrating the equipment monitoring radiation as per domestic and international standards.包括从事工作场所辐射使用咨询和监督服务的公司,还提高医疗设施中用于诊断和治疗的辐射用户或放射性物质运输者的安全意识,包括根据国内和国际标准。Professional
7110959Green Buildings Consultant绿色建筑顾问Includes offering counseling as regarding constructing green buildings, which are defined as environment friendly buildings, including all the services enable the efficient use of energy , water and other resources, which will have impact national health and global environment.包括提供有关建造绿色建筑的咨询,绿色建筑被定义为环境友好型建筑,包括能够有效利用能源、水和其他资源的所有服务,这将对国家健康和全球环境产生影响。Professional
7110966People of Determination Universal Accessibility Consultant无障碍人士设备设施咨询服务Includes firms specialized in providing consultancies and setting standards for creating an appropriate internal and external environment in different places in order to enable the people of determination with a range of impairments to efficiently access places unaided in comfort and safety, it involves advising on the design or modification of commercial, public and educational buildings to conform to global standards in this regard, these buildings in order to comply they need to provide accessibility installation, such as, the tactile paving for the vision impaired, the accessible toilets, wheelchairs lifts, disabled carparks, evacuation outlets, signages, also, to give training to the employees in these facilities about the guidelines for dealing with the people of determination while they are inside the premises包括专门提供咨询和制定标准以在不同地方创造适当的内部和外部环境的公司,以使有各种障碍的有决心的人能够在没有舒适和安全的情况下有效地进入场所,它涉及对设计或改造商业、公共和教育建筑以符合这方面的全球标准,这些建筑为了符合这方面的要求,需要提供无障碍设施,例如为视障人士提供的触觉铺路、无障碍厕所、轮椅升降机、残疾人停车场、疏散出口、标牌,还对这些设施中的员工进行培训,了解他们在场所内与有决心的人打交道的准则Professional
7120018Oilfield High Pressure Equipment Testing油田高压设备检测Includes firms conducting of physical, chemical and other analytical testing of oilfield high pressure equipment to decide mechanical characteristics and performance with regard to strength, thickness, durability.包括对油田高压设备进行物理、化学和其他分析测试的公司,以确定与强度、厚度、耐用性相关的机械特性和性能。Professional
7120019Trade Mark Verification Services商标验证服务Includes firms specialized in verifying the genuineness of trade marks. This includes detecting imitation, counterfeiting and forgery as well as designs and packs used in marketing.包括专门验证商标真实性的公司。这包括检测模仿、伪造和伪造以及营销中使用的设计和包装。Professional
7210001Research & Experimental Development on Natural Science自然科学研究与实验发展Includes firms, centers or institutes specialized in elaborating studies and experimental and development researches on sciences (mathematics, physics, astronomy, chemistry, life, earth sciences etc.), as well as medical, pharmacology, agricultural, engineering and technical sciences, in order to enrich knowledge and innovate new scientific applications thereof, such firms are not allowed to conduct field surveys and questionnaire before getting approval from the competent authority包括专门从事科学(数学、物理学、天文学、化学、生命、地球科学等)以及医学、药理学、农业、工程和技术科学的详细研究、实验和开发研究的公司、中心或研究所,依次为为丰富知识和创新科学应用,未经主管部门批准,不得进行实地调查和问卷调查Professional
7210002Environmental Consultants & Studies环境顾问与研究Includes firms conduct technical studies and research on the polluters affecting the environment elements, mainly air, water and soil and how to handle the subsequent impacts as well as determining the techniques and practical preventive measures, such firms are not allowed to conduct field surveys and questionnaire before getting approval from the competent authority.包括企业对影响环境要素(主要是空气、水和土壤)的污染源以及如何处理后续影响以及确定技术和实际预防措施进行技术研究和研究,此类企业不得进行实地调查和问卷调查在获得主管部门批准之前。Professional
7210003Pharmaceutical Researches & Studies药物研究与研究Includes institutes, academics or centers that encourage or promote scientific issues and research in the field of pharmacology and its advanced technologies and implement it in the manufacture of medicines and pharmaceuticals as well as up-grading the pharmacy profession, develop pharmacy education and introduce raw materials that can serve the pharmaceutical industry, such firms are not allowed to conduct field surveys and questionnaire before getting approval from the competent authority.包括鼓励或促进药理学及其先进技术领域的科学问题和研究并将其应用于药品和药品制造以及提升药学专业、发展药学教育和引进原材料的研究所、学术机构或中心可以服务于医药行业的,未经主管部门批准,不得进行实地调查和问卷调查。Professional
7210004Geophysical & Geological Studies & Services地球物理和地质研究与服务Includes conducting geophysical and geological surveying by acoustic waves to determine the potential of oil, gas and minerals in deep ground layers, no engineering activities listed under activity no 7421-30 are involved.包括通过声波进行地球物理和地质勘测,以确定深层地层中石油、天然气和矿物的潜力,不涉及活动编号 7421-30 下列出的工程活动。Professional
7210009Technological Aspects of Aircrafts Development飞机发展的技术方面Includes providing experimental development directed primarily towards substantially improving the aircrafts systems in order to promote safety and preserve fuel and resources, it involves fixed-wing aircraft, drones and helicopters.包括提供主要针对大幅改进飞机系统以提高安全性和保护燃料和资源的实验开发,它涉及固定翼飞机、无人机和直升机。Professional
7210013Science & Technology Consultancy科技咨询Includes offering counseling and drawing plans on science and technology as regarding water desalination techniques, nanotechnology, health, power technology, also, studying and analyzing the reports submitted by laboratories and other analysis entities in respond to requests by governmental and private bodies, such firms are not allowed to conduct field surveys and questionnaire before getting approval from the competent authority.包括提供有关海水淡化技术、纳米技术、健康、电力技术的科学和技术咨询和计划,还研究和分析实验室和其他分析实体应政府和私人机构的要求提交的报告,这些公司是未经主管机关批准,不得进行实地调查和问卷调查。Professional
7220002Research & Experimental Development on Social Sciences社会科学研究与实验发展Includes firms, centers or institutes specialized in elaborating studies and experimental and development researches on social sciences (Economics, psychology, sociology, legal sciences etc.) and human sciences (languages, arts, etc.), so as to enrich knowledge and innovate new scientific applications thereof, such firms are not allowed to conduct field surveys and questionnaire before getting approval from the competent authority.包括专门从事社会科学(经济学、心理学、社会学、法律科学等)和人文科学(语言、艺术等)的详细研究和实验和发展研究的公司、中心或研究所,以丰富知识和创新新科学应用,未经主管部门批准,此类企业不得进行实地调查和问卷调查。Professional
7220007Educational Technologies Research & Development教育技术研发Includes centers or institutes specialized in elaborating studies and experimental and development researches on learning technologies to set guidelines to enhance designing, evaluating and implementing learning techniques to reach the utmost efficiency, such firms are not allowed to conduct field surveys and questionnaire before getting approval from the competent authority.包括专门从事学习技术研究和实验开发研究的中心或机构,以制定指导方针,以加强学习技术的设计、评估和实施,以达到最大效率,此类公司未经批准前不得进行实地调查和问卷调查。主管部门。Professional
7310004Promotional Gifts Preparing促销礼品准备Includes creative designing and creating promotional gifts used by commercial entities to promote themselves and products, such gifts include pens, diaries, commemorative and sport medals, sport trophies, tyres covers, names engraving…etc包括创意设计和制作商业实体用来宣传自己和产品的促销礼品,这些礼品包括钢笔、日记本、纪念和运动奖牌、运动奖杯、轮胎罩、刻字……等Professional
7310005Distribution of Advertising Materials & Samples广告材料和样品的分发Includes distributing promotional materials such as pamphlets, catalogs, posters and gifts, besides distributing samples of the products which a company produces and is bidding to promote.包括分发宣传材料,如小册子、目录、海报和礼品,以及分发公司生产和竞标推广的产品样品。Professional
7310017Advertising Researches & Consultancies广告研究与咨询includes providing advertising organizations advice and assistance on the creation of advertising campaigns and placement of such advertising in periodicals in order to encourage and persuade consumer behavior with respect to a commercial offering , also to employing different methodologies of research that works to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of advertising, such firms are not allowed to conduct field questionnaire before getting approval from the competent authority包括向广告组织提供有关创建广告活动和在期刊中放置此类广告的建议和帮助,以鼓励和说服消费者对商业产品的行为,以及采用不同的研究方法来提高有效性和效率。广告,未经主管部门批准,不得进行实地调查Professional
7310021Natural Gas Technology Marketing天然气技术营销Includes firms conduct operations and activities to explore the demand on natural gas technology in order to assist the firms involved in such technology to how to meet such demands.包括公司开展运营和活动以探索对天然气技术的需求,以协助参与此类技术的公司如何满足此类需求。Professional
7320001Marketing Research & Consultancies营销研究与咨询Includes conducting field surveys and questionnaires to explore the opinion of the consumers to assist producers and services providers on how to produce the goods and provide the services, the pricing and the effective promotional campaign, in order to boost the selling of that product or service, such firms are not allowed to conduct field surveys and questionnaire before getting approval from the competent authority包括进行实地调查和问卷调查以了解消费者的意见,以协助生产者和服务提供者了解如何生产商品和提供服务、定价和有效的促销活动,以促进该产品或服务的销售,未经主管部门批准,不得进行实地调查和问卷调查Professional
7320002Marketing Management市场营销管理Includes firms provide assistance to businesses on marketing products and services to attract and retain customers, involving advice on planning, pricing, sale outlets, such firms are not allowed to sell the products and services they are promoting.包括公司在营销产品和服务方面向企业提供帮助以吸引和留住客户,涉及规划、定价、销售网点方面的建议,此类公司不得销售他们正在推广的产品和服务。Professional
7320003Statistical Services Consultancies统计服务咨询Includes firms engaged in conducting statistics consultancies and services in economic, social and other domains, it involves data collection whether through questionnaires or from administrative records and then draw indicators which can assist decision makers to know how to find alternatives in order to evaluate the status quo as well as to plan for the future, the minimal qualifications required is bachelor degree in statistics, along with three years hands-on experience.包括在经济、社会和其他领域从事统计咨询和服务的公司,它涉及通过问卷调查或行政记录收集数据,然后绘制指标,帮助决策者了解如何寻找替代方案以评估现状除了为未来做计划外,所需的最低资格是统计学学士学位,以及三年的实践经验。Professional
7320005Branding Services品牌服务Includes firms engaged conducting branding and corporate identity services, involving defining the brand strategy for corporations to enable them present themselves to the public, also, articulating the visual identity and expression of the corporation which might be manifested in the company name, logo, slogan, such elements play significant roles in the way an organization presents itself to both internal and external stakeholders.包括从事品牌和企业形象服务的公司,包括为企业定义品牌战略,使他们能够向公众展示自己,同时阐明可能体现在公司名称、标志、口号、这些要素在组织向内部和外部利益相关者展示自己的方式中发挥着重要作用。Professional
7410001Fashion Designing时装设计Includes shops which design fashions and clothes for men, women and children, including uniform suits for the official bodies' personnel.包括为男士、女士和儿童设计时装和服装的商店,包括为官方机构人员设计的制服。Professional
7410002Jewellery Designing珠宝设计Includes designing the models of gold and precious metals jewellery prior to mechanical or manual production, involving pre-manufacturing drawings, setting technical specifications, materials and production costs calculation, testing to ensure compliance of materials with safety and quality standards.包括在机械或手工生产之前设计黄金和贵金属首饰的模型,包括预制图纸、设定技术规格、材料和生产成本计算、测试以确保材料符合安全和质量标准。Professional
7410003Design Services设计服务Includes preparing the preliminary sketches or the plans for different objects, including Interior design, design of gardens and basins, such works shall then be executed by specialized companies.包括准备不同对象的初步草图或计划,包括室内设计、花园和盆地设计,这些工作将由专业公司执行。Professional
7410004Calligraphers & Painters书法家和画家Includes firms engaged in the art of writing through hand lettering to produce different forms artistic writings such as, certificates, invitations, envelopes, business branding and logos, it involves drawing and painting works as a form of different arts, including visual, arts, abstract arts, sketch arts, decorative arts, illustration arts, as well as graffiti, also, body painting, where artwork is painted directly onto the adults and children skin, unlike tattoo which is prohibited.包括从事书写艺术的公司,通过手写来制作不同形式的艺术作品,例如证书、邀请函、信封、商业品牌和标志,它涉及作为不同艺术形式的绘画作品,包括视觉、艺术、抽象艺术,素描艺术,装饰艺术,插图艺术,以及涂鸦,还有人体彩绘,其中艺术品直接涂在成人和儿童的皮肤上,不像纹身那样被禁止。Professional
7420001Commercial Photographs Production商业照片制作Includes photographing in specialized studios or on location to produce pictures for different commercial purposes such as press documentaries, fashion shows, tourist items, advertising agencies pictures, as well as air shooting of landscape and urban landmarks.包括在专业工作室或现场拍摄以制作用于不同商业目的的图片,例如新闻纪录片、时装秀、旅游项目、广告公司图片以及风景和城市地标的空中拍摄。Professional
7420002Models Production By Three Dimensional Laser Scanning三维激光扫描模型制作Includes using three- dimensional imaging and laser scanning to reproduce objects outwards, or to acquire data to construct digital models of objects sizes, in order to use in a wide variety of industrial and non-industrial applications, including, discovering the technological principles of the object through analysis of it's geometry and other elements undetectable by traditional survey techniques, such technology can be applied in constructions, roads, tunne包括使用三维成像和激光扫描向外复制物体,或获取数据以构建物体尺寸的数字模型,以便在各种工业和非工业应用中使用,包括发现物体的技术原理通过分析物体的几何形状和其他传统测量技术无法检测到的元素,该技术可应用于建筑、道路、隧道、桥梁、古迹、船舶等。ls, bridges, historic sites, ships…etc.Professional
7420003Photography Services摄影服务Includes firms engaged in photographing either in or outside specialized studios for different purposes such as portrait for passports, employment immigration visa applications. It also involves weddings and other personal events photography, also, firms operating coin photo booths are also included.包括在专业工作室内外从事不同用途的摄影的公司,例如护照肖像、就业移民签证申请。它还涉及婚礼和其他个人活动摄影,还包括经营投币式照相馆的公司。Professional
7420005Parties & Events Filming派对和活动拍摄Includes firms which undertake filming of personal wedding parties, official opening ceremonies, exhibitions etc.包括拍摄个人婚礼派对、正式开幕式、展览等的公司。Professional
7420009Photographs & Motion Pictures Processing照片和电影处理Includes laboratories specialized in processing photographic films and personal motion pictures (Commercial activities listed under class 9211) - alongwith developing and printing this activity also includes enlarging the pictures.包括专门处理摄影胶片和个人电影的实验室(在 9211 类下列出的商业活动)——除了冲洗和印刷,这项活动还包括放大图片。Professional
7490001Surveying & Evaluating Services测量和评估服务Includes firms specialized in examining, and estimating movables such as goods, machines, equipment and furniture, for various purposes, for holding public auctions, upon disputant parties' request or as an assignment by the court, arbitration committee or any other body, also, checking motor vehicles to determine the technical defects or value and not renewing registration by licensing authorities.包括专门为各种目的检查和估计货物、机器、设备和家具等动产的公司,以举行公开拍卖,应争议方的要求或法院、仲裁委员会或任何其他机构的委托,检查机动车辆以确定技术缺陷或价值,而不是由许可当局更新登记。Professional
7490004Weighing & Measuring Services称重和测量服务Includes firms engaged in providing weighing and measuring of goods to the parties involved in the selling and buying or importing and exporting to enable them comply with local and international regulations and standards.包括向参与买卖或进出口的各方提供货物称重和测量的公司,以使它们符合当地和国际法规和标准。Professional
7490012Translation, Editing & Proofreading Services翻译、编辑和校对服务Includes offices which provide simple translation for ordinary personal and commercial letters and correspondences, also, editing and proofreading Arabic and English writings to correct spelling and grammar errors and improve the texts to university students as well as public and private entities, the minimal degree required is bachelor degree in translation or in a foreign language.包括为普通个人和商业信件和信件提供简单翻译的办公室,以及编辑和校对阿拉伯文和英文作品以纠正拼写和语法错误并改进向大学生以及公共和私人实体提供的文本,所需的最低学位是翻译或外语学士学位。Professional
7490020Lifestyle Coaching生活方式指导Includes providing advice and coaching to help clients transform from sedentary lifestyle into more healthy and active, in order to achieve specific personal or professional goals in different human endeavors, ranging from their concerns in health, personal, professional, sport, social, family, working closely with them to facilitate healthy and sustainable behavior change, with a focus on improving personal behavior as well as enhancing personal appearance to make them look more beautiful, it involves advising about clothing, shopping, hair styling, makeup, and also showing how cosmetic products work to improve personal appearance.包括提供建议和指导,帮助客户从久坐不动的生活方式转变为更健康和积极的生活方式,以在不同的人类努力中实现特定的个人或职业目标,包括他们对健康、个人、职业、运动、社交、家庭、工作的关注与他们密切合作,促进健康和可持续的行为改变,重点是改善个人行为以及提升个人形象,使他们看起来更漂亮,它涉及关于服装、购物、发型设计、化妆的建议,并展示化妆品如何努力改善个人形象。Professional
7490101Personal Shopping Services个人购物服务Includes firms engaged in selection and purchase of goods on behalf of others not having enough time or desire to do the shopping themselves.包括代表其他人选择和购买商品的公司,他们没有足够的时间或意愿自己进行购物。Professional
7500006Veterinary Consultant兽医顾问Includes firms specialized in providing consultancy and technical feasibility studies on how to set up poultry, dairy and fish farms, abattoirs, quarantines, clinics, inform the local authorities on the animal infectious diseases such as avian and swine flu, provide information to foreign slaughterhouses interested in exporting meat to UAE about the Islamic way of slaughtering, the minimal qualifications required is bachelor degree in Veterinary Medicine, along with three years hands-on experience.包括专门就如何建立家禽、奶牛和养鱼场、屠宰场、检疫所、诊所提供咨询和技术可行性研究的公司,向地方当局通报禽流感和猪流感等动物传染病,向感兴趣的外国屠宰场提供信息在向阿联酋出口关于伊斯兰屠宰方式的肉类时,所需的最低资格是兽医学学士学位,以及三年的实践经验。Professional
7721002Children Games & Baby Care Requisites Rental儿童游戏和婴儿护理必需品租赁Includes renting children rides and games including swings, slides, house and aircraft models, whether made of solid and safe materials or of inflatable objects, also, new-born cradles, chairs, beds, walkers, prams, baskets, linen and covers.包括租用儿童游乐设施和游戏,包括秋千、滑梯、房屋和飞机模型,无论是由坚固和安全的材料制成还是由充气物体制成,还包括新生儿摇篮、椅子、床、助行器、婴儿车、篮子、亚麻布和盖子。Professional
7729003Blankets, Towels & Linens Rental毯子、毛巾和床单出租Includes renting and leasing household blankets, linens, bedcovers, furniture covers, bed sheets, towels, pillows, cushions and covers and the similar products.包括出租和租赁家用毛毯、床单、床罩、家具罩、床单、毛巾、枕头、靠垫和罩子以及类似产品。Professional
7729004Electrical & Electronic Appliances Rental电子电器租赁Includes shops whose activities are based on the rental of electric and electronic appliances, such as stoves, ovens, audio-visual sets and related recording appliances, as well as refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen appliances and antennas, besides utensils and household items used for various purposes.包括以出租电器和电子设备为基础的商店,例如炉灶、烤箱、视听设备和相关的录音设备,以及冰箱、洗衣机、厨房用具和天线,以及用于各种目的。Professional
7729008Tents Rental帐篷出租Includes renting small tents for beaches and picnics, also big tents to accommodate celebrations and events such as wedding parties, exhibitions and conferences, it involves providing lighting and sound apparatus, tables, chairs, airconditions.包括为海滩和野餐租用小帐篷,也包括为婚礼派对、展览和会议等庆典和活动租用大帐篷,涉及提供照明和音响设备、桌子、椅子、空调。Professional
7729011Paintings & Artworks Rental绘画和艺术品出租Includes renting distinctive artworks such as drawings, sculptures, photographs, handicraft woks, masterworks to art galleries, exhibitions, museums…etc包括将绘画、雕塑、照片、工艺品锅、杰作等有特色的艺术品出租给画廊、展览、博物馆等Professional
7730005Extracting & Drilling Equipment & Machinery Rental采掘和钻井设备及机械租赁Includes renting and leasing equipment for the extraction of minerals occurring naturally, involving extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas as well as the mining and quarrying.包括租赁和租赁用于提取天然矿物的设备,包括原油和天然气的提取以及采矿和采石。Professional
7730006Movie Filming & production Equipment Rental电影拍摄制作设备租赁Includes firms engaged in renting filming and production of movies and television programs, including cameras, equipment for lighting and sound, cranes and dollys, grips, smoke machines, special effects devices, it involves the props used on stage or on screen by actors during a performance or screen production, such as, statues, dinosaurs, pirate figures, animals, weapons, decorations …etc.包括从事电影和电视节目租赁拍摄和制作的公司,包括摄影机、灯光和音响设备、起重机和小车、把手、烟雾机、特效设备,涉及演员在演出期间在舞台或屏幕上使用的道具。表演或银幕制作,如雕像、恐龙、海盗形象、动物、武器、装饰品等。Professional
7730009Construction Equipment & Machinery Rental建筑设备和机械租赁Includes renting building and construction equipment for excavating, filling, demolition, earth leveling, road paving, cement mixing equipment and machinery, as well as cranes, elevators and heavy objects lifts, it does not involve the wheeled and motors operated equipment and machinery.包括租赁用于挖掘、填充、拆除、平整、铺路、水泥搅拌设备和机械的建筑和施工设备,以及起重机、电梯和重物升降机,不涉及轮式和电动设备和机械。Professional
7730029Accounting & Office Machinery Rental会计及办公设备租赁Includes the rental of office equipment regardless of their use, such as accounting equipment, typewriters, photocopiers, computer sets, word processors, microfilm photography equipment.. etc.包括租赁办公设备,不论其用途,例如会计设备、打字机、复印机、电脑、文字处理器、缩微摄影设备等。Professional
7730031Medical Equipment Rental医疗设备租赁Includes renting medical equipment used medical facilities as well as light devices needed by medical professionals who undertake home healthcare services such as blood pressure and cardiac monitors, medical thermometers, oxygen tanks etc..包括租用医疗设备使用的医疗设施以及承担家庭保健服务的医疗专业人员所需的光设备,例如血压和心脏监护仪、医用温度计、氧气罐等。Professional
7730033Medical Gas Compressors Rental医用气体压缩机租赁Includes renting and leasing medical gas equipment and compressors包括租赁和租赁医用气体设备和压缩机Professional
7730041Solar Energy Systems Rental太阳能系统租赁Includes renting and leasing solar panels and slabs energy systems (photovoltaic) installed on tops and facades of residential and commercial buildings, or on the ground to generate power for use in water heating and cooling and energy supply, it involves the batteries and devices to store the generated energy.包括出租和租赁安装在住宅和商业建筑的顶部和外墙,或在地面上发电用于水加热和冷却和能源供应的太阳能电池板和平板能源系统(光伏),它涉及电池和存储设备产生的能量。Professional
7730044Disinfecting Booths & Equipment Rental消毒摊位和设备租赁Includes reselling disinfecting booths and equipment which are installed in different places to disinfect all individuals and vehicles entering and exiting the area包括转售安装在不同地方的消毒亭和设备,对所有进出该区域的个人和车辆进行消毒Professional
7730046Robots & Smart Machines Rental机器人和智能机器租赁Includes the rental of robots that apply artificial intelligence to enable them to think intelligently in the similar manner the intelligent humans think, and which can take the place of humans in dangerous environments, manufacturing, also, smart machines applying the same techniques to conduct any kind of tasks.包括出租应用人工智能的机器人,使他们能够以与智能人类相似的方式进行智能思考,并且可以在危险环境中代替人类,制造,以及应用相同技术进行任何类型的智能机器的任务。Professional
7740001Patent & Intellectual Property Rights Management专利与知识产权管理Includes firms specialized in managing and promoting patent intellectual property rights issues, following obtaining a proxy from the owner, including buying, owning and selling such rights, as well as conducting the required legal formalities, such as, issue the licenses, , issue the contracts and certificates and sale agreements as per owners’ terms and conditions, also, assessment and pricing formalities as well as intermediary between owners and buyers to reach compromises包括专门管理和促进专利知识产权问题的公司,在获得所有者的代理权后,包括购买、拥有和出售此类权利,以及执行所需的法律手续,例如颁发许可证、颁发合同根据业主的条款和条件,以及评估和定价手续以及业主和买家之间的中介达成妥协的证书和销售协议Professional
7820101Medical Equipment Management & Operation医疗设备管理与运营Includes firms engaged in the provision of medical equipment needed by the healthcare facilities, as well as the provision of management and operation of these equipment for long or short periods by these firms’ technicians.包括从事提供医疗机构所需的医疗设备的公司,以及由这些公司的技术人员长期或短期提供这些设备的管理和运营的公司。Professional
7912006Educational & Recreational Tours Organizing教育和休闲旅游组织Includes organizing internal and external tours for students to enhance their skills and motivate competition among them through conducting games and competitions and quizzes, the objective is also, to learn how positively with oneself and with the others, to develop the skills of thinking and mental capabilities.包括为学生组织内部和外部旅行,以通过进行游戏和竞赛和测验来提高他们的技能并激发他们之间的竞争,目的还在于学习如何积极地与自己和他人相处,发展思维技能和心理能力.Professional
7990001Sport & Recreational Events Tickets Selling体育和娱乐活动门票销售Includes firms engaged in selling the tickets of sport and recreational events on behalf of their organizers, whether the sale made in the place of the event or in any other place, as well as online, it involves providing the equipment to organize audience entry and computing.包括代表组织者销售体育和娱乐活动门票的公司,无论是在活动地点还是在任何其他地方进行销售,也包括在线销售,它涉及提供组织观众入场和计算的设备.Professional
7990003Tourist Guiding Services旅游指导服务Includes firms providing tourist guiding services by arranging guided visits to tourist destinations in Dubai or all over U.A.E., or to supply other tourist firms with tour guides on demand. These guides are licensed by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing provided that they hold the right tourist qualifications.包括通过安排导游参观迪拜或阿联酋各地的旅游目的地,或根据需要为其他旅游公司提供导游服务的公司。这些导游由旅游和商务营销部颁发执照,前提是他们持有适当的旅游资格。Professional
8110001Concierge Services礼宾服务Includes firms which provide personal concierge to serves guests of an apartment building, hotel, or office building, the services include informational requests, setting dinner reservations, making telephone calls, researching travel arrangements and tours of local attractions, arranging for spa services, coordinating porter service, procuring tickets to special events …etc.包括为公寓楼、酒店或办公楼的客人提供个人礼宾服务的公司,服务包括信息请求、安排晚餐预订、拨打电话、研究旅行安排和当地景点游览、安排水疗服务、协调搬运工服务,采购特殊活动的门票……等。Professional
8121001Building Cleaning Services楼宇清洁服务Includes firms which provide interior, exterior and outer areas cleaning to residential buildings and governmental and professional premises , it excludes providing domestic workers who perform as cooks, gardeners, housekeepers, laundress, caring for children and elderly, it also excludes providing these workers to conduct cleaning residential buildings on temporary basis.包括为住宅建筑、政府和专业场所提供内部、外部和外部区域清洁的公司,不包括提供担任厨师、园丁、管家、洗衣工、照顾儿童和老人的家庭工人,也不包括为这些工人提供执行临时清洁住宅楼。Professional
8121002Tanks & Containers Cleaning Services储罐和容器清洁服务Includes firms engaged in cleaning of tanks for storage of oil or natural liquefied gases or water, tankers and tanker vehicles, also, metal and plastic containers for garbage and waste collection as well as the reusable packaging crates used to ship to retail stores包括从事清洁用于储存石油或天然液化气体或水的罐体、油罐车和油罐车、用于垃圾和废物收集的金属和塑料容器以及用于运送到零售店的可重复使用的包装箱的公司Professional
8121004Disinfection & Sterilization Services消毒灭菌服务Includes firms specialized in eliminating bacteria and viruses that trigger infectious diseases by decontaminating indoor air homes, offices, schools and hospitals, also, in cabins such as cars, ambulances and airplanes, it involves using spreading the disinfectants and sterilizers all over the iterior to to eliminate microorganisms.包括专门通过净化室内空气来消除引发传染病的细菌和病毒的公司,也包括在汽车、救护车和飞机等机舱中,它涉及使用消毒剂和消毒剂在整个过程中传播以消灭微生物。Professional
8130004Residential Property Care Services住宅物业护理服务Includes firms take care of residential units when owners are in long absence, involving gardening, landscaping, bills payment….etc, guarding and real estate activities contained in class 7010 are excluded.包括公司在业主长期不在时照管住宅单元,涉及园艺、景观美化、账单支付等,不包括 7010 类中包含的守卫和房地产活动。Professional
8130005Home Gardening services家庭园艺服务Includes firms engaged gardening of private housing, it involves executing irrigation and trimming trees and green areas, it excludes engineering works which involve irrigation systems water pumps and a installations.包括从事私人住宅园艺的公司,它涉及执行灌溉和修剪树木和绿地,不包括涉及灌溉系统水泵和装置的工程工作。Professional
8211001Hotel Management酒店管理Includes managing hotels owned by others and licensed by the competent authorities, involving, supplying the personnel who carry out the duties and responsibilities, provided that the prevailing laws and regulations are observed.包括管理他人所有并经主管部门许可的酒店,在遵守现行法律法规的情况下,涉及、提供履行职责和责任的人员。Professional
8211002Theater & Cinema Management剧院和电影院管理Includes managing the theaters and movie houses owned by others and licensed by the competent authorities, provided that the prevailing laws and regulations are observed.在遵守现行法律法规的情况下,包括管理他人拥有并获得主管部门许可的剧院和电影院。Professional
8211004Restaurants Management餐厅管理Includes the provision of advice and assistance as well as overseeing and managing restaurants and coffee shops owned by others and licensed by the competent authorities, as per the prevailing laws and regulations, these firms are not allowed to practice real estate activities under division.70.包括提供建议和协助以及监督和管理他人拥有并由主管部门许可的餐厅和咖啡店,根据现行法律法规,这些公司不得从事分部下的房地产活动。70。Professional
8211010Facilities Management Services设施管理服务Includes the provision of advice and assistance as well as overseeing and managing the facilities owned by others and licensed by the competent authorities, such as clubs, parks, private, hospitals, industrial and commercial facilities, as per the prevailing laws and regulations, these firms are neither allowed to provide the manpower to such facilities, nor to engage in the activities of maintenance and cleaning, they are also not permitted to practice labor recruitment and employment brokerage or temporary employment.包括根据现行法律法规,提供建议和协助以及监督和管理他人拥有并由主管当局许可的设施,例如俱乐部、公园、私人、医院、工业和商业设施,这些公司不得为此类设施提供人力,不得从事维修和清洁活动,也不得从事劳务中介和临时就业。Professional
8211011Extended Warranty Management延长保修管理Includes firms act as coordinator between insurance companies, products dealers in one hand and their customers who desire to extend the warranty of the products they purchase beyond the manufacturer’s warranty, the products involves automobiles, electronics, home appliances, communication systems..etc, the role of such firms is restricted to coordination and management of the process only.包括公司作为保险公司、产品经销商和他们的客户之间的协调人,他们希望将他们购买的产品的保修期延长到制造商的保修期之外,产品涉及汽车、电子产品、家用电器、通信系统等,这些公司的作用仅限于流程的协调和管理。Professional
8211015Project Management Services项目管理服务Includes firms specialized in managing and guiding project processes from start to finish as regarding planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources, procedures in order to achieve all of the project goals, it involves managing budgets, resources and relationships to achieve organizational objectives, planning, developing schedules to ensure timely completion of projects.包括专门从头到尾管理和指导项目过程的公司,如计划、组织、激励和控制资源、程序以实现所有项目目标,它涉及管理预算、资源和关系以实现组织目标、计划, 制定时间表以确保项目按时完成。Professional
8219001Typing & Photocopying Services打字和复印服务Includes firms engaged in preparing and typing documents to be submitted to governmental and non- governmental bodies, including formation of a contracts and agreements between different parties, it also involves preparing personal documents, such as curriculum vitae writing, , these firms are neither allowed to involve in the typing of the transactions related to the medical fitness examination, nor to conduct the services of the centers that process the transactions of the Government.包括从事准备和打字提交给政府和非政府机构的文件的公司,包括各方之间的合同和协议的形成,还涉及准备个人文件,例如简历的编写,这些公司都不允许参与与体格检查有关的交易的打字,也不为处理政府交易的中心提供服务。Professional
8219002Documents Copying Services文件复印服务Includes firms which carry out the copying of documents, whether printed, audio or video taped, photographed, microfilmed or otherwise. These firms may use their own facilities or those of other firms.包括进行文件复印的公司,无论是印刷的、录音的或录像的、照相的、缩微的或其他形式的。这些公司可以使用自己的设施或其他公司的设施。Professional
8219003Maps & Drawings Copying Services地图和绘图复印服务Includes firms engaged in providing to architectural engineering consultants and contractors photocopying of maps and plans.包括从事向建筑工程顾问和承包商提供复印地图和计划的公司。Professional
8219004Documents Storage Services文件存储服务Includes firms which provide, against remunerations, services to other parties regarding keeping and storing their documents in proper places. These documents may take the form of papers, electronic or mechanical or in recordings. Firms which practice their own storing are not included.包括有偿向其他方提供有关将其文件保存和存放在适当位置的服务的公司。这些文件可以采用纸质、电子或机械形式或录音形式。不包括自行存储的公司。Professional
8219005Documents Destroying Services文件销毁服务Includes firms offering to the others documents destroying services. The documents could be paper or any other type of data and information stored by any means.包括向他人提供销毁服务的文件的公司。文件可以是纸质的或以任何方式存储的任何其他类型的数据和信息。Professional
8220002Call Centers Services呼叫中心服务Includes firms enter into contracts with others to receive and answer on behalf of them the inbound calls from their clients using human operators, or any similar technical response system, it involves receiving orders, deal with customer requests for assistance or address customer complaints, making notifications, such service allowed only on contractual basis with others.包括公司与他人签订合同,使用人工接线员或任何类似的技术响应系统代表他们接听和接听客户的来电,包括接收订单、处理客户的帮助请求或解决客户投诉、发出通知, 此类服务仅允许在与他人签订合同的基础上。Professional
8220003Information Helpline Directory信息帮助热线目录Includes providing a tele-directory similar to the yellow pages, the requirements to render such service includes, a toll free line (800), staff for answering the calls and a computer, joining this service is possible against monthly or annual subscription.包括提供类似于黄页的电话簿,提供此类服务的要求包括免费电话 (800)、接听电话的工作人员和一台计算机,可以按月或按年订阅加入此服务。Professional
8230001Exhibition Organizing展览组织Includes firms specialized in organizing commercial exhibitions which are held to promote or activate trade at the local or the international levels. It also includes the holding of fairs to boost the local industrial and agricultural products. It moreover includes the holding of other specialized commercial or individual fairs.包括专门组织商业展览的公司,这些展览旨在促进或激活当地或国际层面的贸易。还包括举办展销会,以提振当地的工农业产品。此外,它还包括举办其他专门的商业或个人展会。Professional
8230002Conferences & Seminars Organizing会议和研讨会组织Includes firms which offer conference and symposium organization and administration services to the government or private bodies. These services include the activities and measures necessary for holding conferences and symposia such as receiving the participants, organizing their residences, travel and the venue of the function and providing it with the necessary facilities.包括为政府或私人机构提供会议和研讨会组织和行政服务的公司。这些服务包括举办会议和座谈会所需的活动和措施,如接待与会人员、安排他们的住所、旅行和活动场地,并为其提供必要的设施。Professional
8230005Fashion Shows Organizing时装秀组织Includes firms which mainly carry out preparations for the organization of fashion shows and training of fashion models.包括主要从事时装秀的组织筹备和时装模特培训的企业。Professional
8230009Events Organizing & Managing活动组织与管理Includes the organization and management of events, which involves, devising the event concept, planning logistics, coordinating the technical aspects before executing the modalities of the event, the activity applies to a variety of areas, such as, corporate events, marketing programs, general meetings, team building, gala dinners and launches, award ceremonies, press events, children parties, hair and makeup shows.包括活动的组织和管理,其中涉及设计活动概念、规划后勤、在执行活动模式之前协调技术方面,该活动适用于各种领域,例如公司活动、营销计划、一般会议、团队建设、晚宴和发布会、颁奖典礼、新闻发布会、儿童派对、发型和化妆表演。Professional
8291003Tax Reclaim Services退税服务Includes offices specialized in contacting tax authorities and clearing out all the documents, papers, information required to finalize all the procedures necessary for refunding taxes levied on goods and services purchased on the basis of being refundable after all conditions are met.包括专门与税务机关联系并清除所有文件、文件和信息的办公室,以完成所有必要的程序,以在满足所有条件后退还对购买的商品和服务征收的税款。Professional
8291005Medical Billing Services医疗账单服务Includes firms engaged in submitting claims to insurance companies and patients on behalf of medical facilities, such as hospitals, clinics and physicians to ensure that their claims against their services are paid, following in that universal coding guidelines.包括代表医疗机构(例如医院、诊所和医生)向保险公司和患者提交索赔的公司,以确保按照该通用编码指南支付针对其服务的索赔。Professional
8292002Gift Wrapping Services礼品包装服务Includes firms engaged in providing to others gift wrapping and boxing by closing with ribbon and topping with a decorative bow, as well as designing and typing the gift cards.包括通过用丝带封口和装饰蝴蝶结向他人提供礼品包装和装箱的公司,以及设计和打字礼品卡的公司。Professional
8292003Repackaging & Refilling Services重新包装和重新灌装服务Includes firms engaged in the repackaging and bottling of bulky solid or liquid products which are elsewhere manufactured, in consumer or commercial packs to make ready for final consumption or export.包括从事重新包装和装瓶大型固体或液体产品的公司,这些产品是在其他地方制造的,以消费者或商业包装的形式为最终消费或出口做好准备。Professional
8292102Electronic Gadgets Masking Services电子产品掩蔽服务Includes firms engaged in masking decorating electronic gadgets such as mobiles, laptops, MP3's in order to give a new look and protect from damage.包括从事遮蔽装饰电子产品(如手机、笔记本电脑、MP3)的公司,以赋予新外观并防止损坏。Professional
8299001Barcode Services条码服务Includes firms that provide to others global bar-coding for their goods and services, each member’s products are entitled a code, thus they become globally recognized. The system allows for mutual understanding between producers, exporters and costumers worldwide.包括为其商品和服务向他人提供全球条形码的公司,每个成员的产品都有权获得一个代码,从而获得全球认可。该系统允许全球生产商、出口商和客户之间相互了解。Professional
8299003Documents Clearing Services文件清算服务Includes firms which undertake submitting commercial and personal documents belonged to others to government and non-government bodies and follow up until finalization, these firms are neither allowed to involve in the transactions of the medical fitness examination, nor to conduct the services of the centers that process the transactions of the Government.包括承担向政府和非政府机构提交属于他人的商业和个人文件并跟进直至最终确定的公司,这些公司既不得参与健康检查的交易,也不得提供中心的服务。处理政府的交易。Professional
8299004Business men & women Services商务男女服务Includes firms engaged in providing to businessmen and women of a range of day-to-day office administrative services, it involves secretarial support services, shorthand writing, minutes taking, scheduling their time, airline booking, hotel reservation, receive and see off at the airport, arrange their meetings with other parties, these firms are not allowed to involve in any service related to the transactions related to the medical fitness centers.包括为商人和女性提供一系列日常办公室行政服务的公司,涉及秘书支持服务、速记写作、记录会议记录、安排时间、机票预订、酒店预订、接待和送行机场,安排与其他方的会面,这些公司不得参与与医疗健身中心相关交易的任何服务。Professional
8299006Commercial Information Services商业信息服务Includes firms engaged in the provision of information on business potentials and investment opportunities as well as on how to practice business Dubai, these firms are not allowed to visit the premises of other firms to inspect or collect information about their activities.包括提供有关商业潜力和投资机会以及如何在迪拜开展业务的信息的公司,这些公司不得访问其他公司的场所以检查或收集有关其活动的信息。Professional
8299007Medical Treatment Facilitation Services医疗便利服务Includes offices which offer specialized services to patients seeking medical treatments in UAE, or act as health tourism provider for patients intend to obtain these services abroad, it involves contacting hospitals and healthcare providers, coordinating with health insurance providers, handling visas and travel issues, provision of logistical information, such as accommodation, ground transportation, expected duration of stay and cost of treatments, it also involves handling non-medical barriers that hinder patients’ treatments, such as cost and health insurance problems, as well as other administrative issues.包括为在阿联酋寻求医疗服务的患者提供专业服务的办公室,或为打算在国外获得这些服务的患者提供健康旅游服务的办公室,涉及联系医院和医疗保健提供者、与健康保险提供者协调、处理签证和旅行问题、提供后勤信息,例如住宿、地面交通、预计逗留时间和治疗费用,它还涉及处理阻碍患者治疗的非医疗障碍,例如费用和健康保险问题,以及其他行政问题。Professional
8299019Auction Organizing拍卖组织Includes firms organize public auctions to sell properties or movables by experienced auctioneers and appraisers, and in specialized galleries or in any place specified by the concerned authority, also, carrying out related procedures, mainly obtaining auction permits, announcements, venue leasing, sorting out sold materials, transfer of ownership and value collection.包括公司组织公开拍卖,由有经验的拍卖师和估价师出售财产或动产,并在专门的画廊或有关部门指定的任何地方,并履行相关程序,主要是获得拍卖许可证、公告、场地租赁、整理出售材料、所有权转让和价值收集。Professional
8299021Loyalty Card Services会员卡服务ncludes firms that issue and/or operate loyalty and preloaded card programs which enable cardholders to become a member in a loyalty program, the card works as identifier of the holder when making purchases, the member will be entitled to accumulate points and to redeem them against goods and services at participating partners. It includes joint promotions by partners within the scheme and using partners’ outlets for distributing loyalty program information and applications. Both the firm and the cardholder will benefit of the service, the first will increase the client base and the latter will get additional benefits包括发行和/或运营忠诚度和预装卡计划的公司,这些计划使持卡人能够成为忠诚度计划的会员,该卡在购物时用作持有人的标识符,会员将有权累积积分并兑换积分参与合作伙伴的商品和服务。它包括计划内合作伙伴的联合促销以及使用合作伙伴的网点分发忠诚度计划信息和应用程序。公司和持卡人都将从服务中受益,前者将增加客户群,后者将获得额外收益Professional
8299022Government Transactions Center政府交易中心Includes centers which sign agreements with government departments to finalize and clear, on behalf of them, the transactions of the public and the businesses, the center also comprises the supportive entities such as banks’ counters, the typing services as well as cafeterias, this activity doesn’t involve conducting the medical fitness examination, or typing or clearing the documents of the medical examination.包括与政府部门签订协议的中心,代表他们完成和清理公众和企业的交易,该中心还包括银行柜台,打字服务和自助餐厅等支持实体,这项活动不涉及进行体格检查、打字、清理体检文件。Professional
8299023Document Verification Follow- up Services文件验证跟进服务Includes firms, which on behalf of others contact the official departments, diplomatic institutions and other domestic or foreign entities to verify personal and business documents, these documents involve educational qualifications, job contracts..etc.包括公司代表他人联系官方部门、外交机构和其他国内外实体核实个人和商业文件,这些文件涉及学历、工作合同等。Professional
8299024Documents & Data verification Services文件和数据验证服务Includes firms undertake on behalf of governmental and private institutions screening the documents submitted for employment or otherwise, as well as documents relating to transportation equipment and machinery offered for sale or export or being imported to disclose stolen and fake items, the process involves approaching the sources that issued the documents or equipment manufacturers for accreditation, the documents concerned are education certificates, profession licenses, employment history, registration certificates, import declarations ..etc.包括公司代表政府和私人机构对提交的就业或其他文件进行筛选,以及与出售或出口或进口的运输设备和机械有关的文件,以披露被盗和假冒物品,该过程涉及联系来源出具认证文件或设备制造商,所涉及的文件有学历证明、职业执照、工作经历、注册证明、进口报关单等。Professional
8541009Meditation Centre冥想中心Includes using natural methods in the treatment such as healthy nutrition, fasting, hydrotherapy,and natural health habits, e.g, simple exercises, relaxation contemplation, optimism and herbal medicines.包括在治疗中使用自然方法,例如健康营养、禁食、水疗和自然健康习惯,例如简单的运动、放松沉思、乐观和草药。Professional
8541102Sport Training运动训练Includes firms engaged enhancing sportsmen physical conditions, as well as raising the level of physical fitness as regarding speed, flexibility and endurance, as being the basic elements for practicing sport activities, such as football etc包括致力于改善运动员身体状况的公司,以及在速度、灵活性和耐力方面提高身体素质水平的公司,作为进行足球等体育活动的基本要素Professional
8549011Traffic Awareness Institute交通意识研究所Includes enhancing driving conducts and approaches, promotes traffic understanding to be conducive to driving safety and traffic awareness, encourages the sense of responsibility for others, finds an ideal driver obedient with the traffic regulations. These institutes are not allowed to teach driving techniques.包括加强驾驶行为和方法,促进交通理解,有利于驾驶安全和交通意识,鼓励对他人的责任感,找到一个遵守交通规则的理想司机。这些机构不允许教授驾驶技术。Professional
8549015Cooking & Household Training Services烹饪和家庭培训服务Includes centers specialized in household economics teachings such as cooking, cutting clothes, weaving, embroidery, house ornamentation from wastes.包括专门从事家庭经济学教学的中心,例如烹饪、裁剪衣服、编织、刺绣、利用废物进行房屋装饰。Professional
8549029Occupational Safety Training职业安全培训Includes specialized centers in providing occupational safety training through complying to international standards, including the techniques of how to maintain safety in all the activities of the firm, way and means of periodical inspection to ensure the validity of the equipment, issuing certificates upon training completion.包括通过遵守国际标准提供职业安全培训的专业中心,包括如何在公司所有活动中保持安全的技术,定期检查以确保设备有效性的方式和手段,培训完成后颁发证书。Professional
8690039Childbirth Support Services (Doula)分娩支持服务(Doula)Includes providing professional services provided by a doula aiming at psychologically and emotionally support a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth, it involves meeting the mother physical and informational needs, it involves giving information about various birth choices, giving continuous support to overcome labor pain, assist in facilitating communication between the mother and care provider, assisting in breastfeeding after birth, no medical care is involved, the minimal qualifications required is a Certified Birth Doula (CBD).包括提供专业的导乐服务,旨在为产前、产中和产后不久的母亲提供心理和情感上的支持,包括满足母亲的生理和信息需求,包括提供各种分娩选择的信息,为克服分娩疼痛提供持续支持, 协助促进母亲和护理提供者之间的沟通,在出生后协助母乳喂养,不涉及医疗保健,所需的最低资格是认证出生导尿 (CBD)。Professional
8690055Mind Abilities Development Center思维能力发展中心It is the facility that works on developing mind and social abilities of individuals through improving both the mind and body and the functions of each to reach the most use of mind functions through a special mind device that helps alleviate stress and dyslexia, improve psychological tension, boost mind capabilities for children and adults, and also includes the use of games and techniques for enhancing concentration, memory, creative and logical thinking, problem solving, mind maps, light, sound, and memory techniques to improve brain functions.它是一种通过改善身心和每个人的功能来发展个人的思想和社交能力的设施,通过有助于缓解压力和阅读障碍,改善心理紧张,提高儿童和成人的思维能力,还包括使用游戏和技巧来增强注意力、记忆力、创造性和逻辑思维、解决问题、思维导图、光、声和记忆技术,以改善大脑功能。Professional
8810002Health Awareness Services健康意识服务Includes firms specialized in organizing health awareness programs on various diseases to patients and their families, including, distribution of print and audiovisual materials, periodic campaigns, lectures and talks in clubs, associations, universities, work closely with media to reach out to masses, online information giving包括专门为患者及其家属组织有关各种疾病的健康意识计划的公司,包括分发印刷和视听材料、定期活动、在俱乐部、协会、大学中的讲座和讲座,与媒体密切合作,以在线接触群众信息提供Professional
8890006Educational Services教育服务Includes firms specialized in offering educational services to the teaching staff, these services are aimed at providing them with the art of treating students, means of handling educational problems and to identify the right means for confronting them, involving, also, lessons memorizing techniques, enhancing thinking skills, such firms are not allowed to organize summer activities or camps.包括专门为教职员工提供教育服务的公司,这些服务旨在为他们提供对待学生的艺术、处理教育问题的方法并确定解决问题的正确方法,还包括记忆课程技巧、提高思维能力,这类企业是不允许组织暑期活动或夏令营的。Professional
9000102Parties & Entertainments Services派对和娱乐服务Includes firms specialized in indoor and outdoor supplies and preparations where concerts, weddings, special occasions and entertainment events are held, they can do the decorations, rent and supply equipment, light fixtures, sound effects, conclude contracts with artists and music bands, arrange for photographers and service waiters, they are also not permitted to practice labor recruitment and employment brokerage or temporary employment.包括专门从事举办音乐会、婚礼、特殊场合和娱乐活动的室内外用品和筹备工作的公司,他们可以进行装饰、租赁和供应设备、灯具、音响效果,与艺术家和乐队签订合同,安排摄影师和服务服务员,他们也不得从事劳务招聘和就业经纪或临时就业。Professional
9000103Artistic Talent Contracting艺术人才签约Includes offices which undertake brokerage and conduct contacts with singers, actors, musicians or the various artistic groups to perform musical, wedding, ceremonies and private parties or give artistic performances in favour of some licensed bodies and firms such as hotels, clubs and social institutions against a commission. These offices may not perform at parties for its own sake.包括从事经纪业务并与歌手、演员、音乐家或各种艺术团体进行联系以表演音乐剧、婚礼、仪式和私人派对或为某些有执照的团体和公司(例如酒店、俱乐部和社会机构)进行艺术表演的办公室佣金。这些办公室可能不会为了自己的利益而在聚会上发挥作用。Professional
9000106Laser & Lights Shows激光和灯光秀Includes firms which use the laser and special effects technology to perform shows in trade fairs, TV commercials, conferences, sports events and ceremonies or to present reports, also, to perform lights show using the exterior of buildings walls as a performance venue, as well as 3D stage lighting show in the interior.包括使用激光和特效技术在交易会、电视广告、会议、体育赛事和仪式中进行表演或报告的公司,也包括使用建筑物外墙作为表演场地进行灯光表演的公司,以及作为室内3D舞台灯光秀。Professional
9000108Live Theatrical Show Production现场戏剧表演制作Includes theatrical shows, carnivals, concerts, operettas, drama and music organized by public and private concerns on national, sport, cultural promotional occasions包括公共和私人组织在国家、体育、文化宣传场合举办的戏剧表演、嘉年华、音乐会、轻歌剧、戏剧和音乐Professional
9000109Performing Arts & Music Festivals表演艺术和音乐节Includes establishments which organize and coordinate signature festivals or events the purpose of promoting music, performing arts, musicians and performing artists.包括组织和协调以促进音乐、表演艺术、音乐家和表演艺术家为目的的标志性节日或活动的机构。Professional
9000113Visual Arts Festivals视觉艺术节Includes firms which organize and coordinate signature festivals or events for the purpose of promoting visual arts and artists.包括为推广视觉艺术和艺术家而组织和协调标志性节日或活动的公司。Professional
9321002Electronic Games Arcade电子游戏厅Includes operating halls where people get together for playing electronic and video games.包括人们聚集在一起玩电子游戏和视频游戏的手术室。Professional
9321012Kids Amusement Arcade儿童游乐场Includes shops and indoor or open halls equipped with facilities for entertaining children of different age categories against fixed fees.包括商店和配备设施的室内或开放式大厅,供不同年龄段的儿童以固定费用娱乐。Professional
9329001Recreational Services娱乐服务Includes firms engaged in providing services to establishments, firms supervising recreational projects. These services include preparing playgrounds, halls and parks used for performing certain recreational activities such as rope jumping platforms, circus shows, fun parks, gun and arrow shooting's field, water cycles hire, leisure boats .. etc.包括为机构提供服务的公司、监督娱乐项目的公司。这些服务包括准备用于进行某些娱乐活动的游乐场、大厅和公园,例如跳绳平台、马戏表演、游乐园、枪箭射击场、水上自行车租赁、休闲船等。Professional
9329009Picnics & Camping Organizing野餐和露营组织Includes firms which organize outdoor picnics and recreational camps by providing different supplies such as tents and sheds, caravan trailers, mobile bathrooms, the barbecue, lighting and air-conditioning, it involves also operation of campgrounds for horse and camel races and desert rallies.包括通过提供帐篷和棚屋、大篷车拖车、移动浴室、烧烤、照明和空调等不同用品来组织户外野餐和休闲营地的公司,还涉及运营马匹和骆驼比赛和沙漠拉力赛的露营地。Professional
9411003Animal Welfare Organization动物福利组织Includes public utility organizations which work to improve public awareness towards animal welfare importance, save animals from extinction, prevent cruelty and abuse, stop banned hunting and illegal trade in rare animals, urge competent authorities to activate wildlife protection laws and to provide support and guidance plans.包括致力于提高公众对动物福利重要性的认识、拯救动物免于灭绝、防止虐待和虐待、停止禁止狩猎和非法交易稀有动物、敦促主管当局启动野生动物保护法并提供支持和指导计划的公共事业组织.Professional
9511001Computer Repair & Maintenance电脑维修保养includes the repair of desktop and laptop computers and peripheral equipment , involving magnetic disk drives, flash drives and other storage devices, printers, monitors, keyboards, internal and external computer modems, servers.包括台式机和笔记本电脑及外围设备的维修,涉及磁盘驱动器、闪存驱动器和其他存储设备、打印机、显示器、键盘、内部和外部计算机调制解调器、服务器。Professional
9512001Telecommunications Equipment Repair电信设备维修Includes firms repair telephone, telex, fax sets and telecommunications equipment and systems, land satellite stations, receivers, transmitters and wireless equipment.包括维修电话、电传、传真机和电信设备和系统、陆地卫星站、接收器、发射器和无线设备的公司。Professional
9512002Mobile Phone Repair手机维修Includes firms engaged in cellular mobile phones maintenance and repair, including reconditioning, screen replacement, antenna, phone housing, water damaged phones and damaged parts change.包括从事手机维护和维修的公司,包括翻新、屏幕更换、天线、手机外壳、水损坏的手机和损坏的零件更换。Professional
9521001Electronic Instruments Devices & Equipment Repair电子仪器设备及设备维修Includes repairing all electronics appliances and equipment not given in details in this class包括修理本课程中未详细说明的所有电子电器和设备Professional
9521003Antennas Installation & Repair天线安装与维修Includes installing and fixing antennas to use in radio and television broadcasting, telecommunication receivers, wireless computer network, radar.包括安装和固定用于无线电和电视广播、电信接收器、无线计算机网络、雷达的天线。Professional
9521004Mobile Phone Upgrading Services手机升级服务Includes upgrading operating systems in cellular mobile phones, as well as performing modification on the basic software. The modifications cover installing anti-virus programs, reinforcing transmission systems, handling programming related malfunctions, such as screen vanishing, decoding code number, data updating, phone programming to match the transmission system, phone adjustment.包括升级手机操作系统,以及对基本软件进行修改。修改内容包括安装杀毒程序、加强传输系统、处理与编程相关的故障,如屏幕消失、解码代码、数据更新、电话编程以匹配传输系统、电话调整。Professional
9522001Electric Household Appliances Repair & Maintenance家用电器维修保养Includes firms engaged in repairing household refrigerators, washing machines, irons, vacuum cleaners, fans, mixers, toasters and other electric kitchen appliances, radio, TV, video sets.包括维修家用冰箱、洗衣机、熨斗、真空吸尘器、风扇、搅拌机、烤面包机和其他厨房电器、收音机、电视机、录像机的公司。Professional
9522003Cookers & Cook Stove Repair炊具和炉灶维修Includes repairing electric, gas, coal or kerosene burners, ovens and cookers.包括修理电、煤气、煤或煤油燃烧器、烤箱和炊具。Professional
9523001Shoe Repair修鞋Includes manual and mechanical repairing of different gents, ladies and children footwear.包括手工和机械修理不同的男士、女士和儿童鞋类。Professional
9523002Leather & Similar Products Repair皮革及类似产品修理Includes repairing leather goods other than footwear, such as hand bags, wallets, and belts, wearing apparel, whether made of natural or synthetic leather.包括修理除鞋类以外的皮革制品,例如手提包、钱包和皮带,以及由天然或合成皮革制成的服装。Professional
9524002Curtains Preparing & Fixing窗帘准备和固定Includes preparing all kinds of curtains and fixing in different facilities.包括准备各种窗帘和固定在不同的设施。Professional
9524003Furniture Upholstery家具内饰Includes providing furniture, especially seats with padding, springs, webbing, and fabric and leather covers.包括提供家具,尤其是带衬垫的座椅、弹簧、织带以及织物和皮革覆盖物。Professional
9524004Furniture Repair & Refurbishing家具维修和翻新Includes the firms specialized in repairing of home and office furniture, including chairs, tables, cabinets, sofas made of wood or metal, the repair includes, polishing painting, varnishing, changing of upholstery..etc.包括专门维修家庭和办公家具的公司,包括椅子、桌子、橱柜、木制或金属制成的沙发,维修包括抛光油漆、上漆、更换室内装潢等。Professional
9529001Watches & Clocks Repair钟表维修Includes repairing and maintaining watches, clocks, alarm clocks and timing mechanisms, instrument panel clocks, time-recording equipment and equipment for measuring, recording and displaying intervals of time such as parking meters, time clocks.包括修理和维护手表、钟表、闹钟和计时机构、仪表盘时钟、计时设备和用于测量、记录和显示时间间隔的设备,例如停车计时器、打卡机。Professional
9529005Antiques & Rare Collections Repair古董和稀有收藏修复Includes the firms specialized in repairing and maintaining antiques and precious collections, including luxurious furniture, work of arts, manuscripts, books.包括专门修理和维护古董和珍贵收藏品的公司,包括豪华家具、艺术品、手稿、书籍。Professional
9529006Antiques & Rare Collections 古董和稀有收藏修复RepairIncludes repairing ophthalmic goods, eyeglasses, sunglasses, lenses ground to prescription, contact lenses, safety goggles包括修理眼科用品、眼镜、太阳镜、按处方研磨的镜片、隐形眼镜、护目镜Professional
9529007Antiques & Rare Collections Repair古董和稀有收藏修复Includes repairing and sharpening knives and scissors for different uses.包括修理和磨锐不同用途的刀具和剪刀。Professional
9529009Antiques & Rare Collections Repair古董和稀有收藏修复Includes repairing and maintaining children's electric or electronic games, bicycles, cars, boats, airplanes and other toys for children use.包括修理和维护儿童的电动或电子游戏、自行车、汽车、船、飞机和其他供儿童使用的玩具。Professional
9529011Antiques & Rare Collections Repair古董和稀有收藏修复Includes repairing and Maintaining electronic and normal musical instruments like stringed, wind, and percussion instruments, pipes, accordions, organs.包括修理和维护电子和普通乐器,如弦乐器、管乐器和打击乐器、管道、手风琴、风琴。Professional
9529012Locks Repair锁修理Includes repairing the mechanical or electronic fastening device which are released by a physical object, such as key, keycard, fingerprint, security token.包括修理由实物(如钥匙、钥匙卡、指纹、安全令牌)释放的机械或电子紧固装置。Professional
9529020Silversmith银匠Includes making of silversmiths’ articles, such as brooches, earnings, necklaces, bracelets, rings from silver.包括银匠制品的制作,例如用银制成的胸针、收入、项链、手镯、戒指。Professional
9601001Cloth Pressing Services压布服务Includes providing pressing all kinds of clothing and textiles, provided by hand, by mechanical equipment, or by self-service coin-operated machines, whether for the general public or for industrial or commercial clients.包括为普通大众或工业或商业客户提供手工、机械设备或自助投币机提供的各种服装和纺织品的熨烫。Professional
9601002Laundry Services洗衣服务Includes automatic and manual laundries which undertake washing clothes, curtains, bedsheets, small carpets it also includes washing clothes and leather products etc.包括负责洗衣服、窗帘、床单、小地毯的自动和手动洗衣房,还包括洗衣服和皮革制品等。Professional
9601004Carpets Cleaning地毯清洁Includes shops which offer washing services for various kinds of carpets, be it moquette, machines-made decoration pieces, hand-made oriental carpets. These services include cleaning or washing the carpets either on site or at the laundry, or re-dying or treating the carpets with materials to restore or strengthen the original colors in addition to the repair and sewing up operations.包括提供各种地毯清洗服务的商店,无论是毛绒、机器装饰件、手工东方地毯。这些服务包括在现场或洗衣店清洁或洗涤地毯,或重新染色或用材料处理地毯以恢复或增强原始颜色以及修理和缝纫操作。Professional
9601006Carpets & Textiles Mending地毯和纺织品修补Includes shops which undertake repairing clothes, carpets, garments, curtains etc.包括修理衣服、地毯、服装、窗帘等的商店。Professional
9601007Auto Seats Cleaning汽车座椅清洁Includes the manual and machine deep cleaning for car seats, other than the cleaning carried when the whole car is washed.包括汽车座椅的人工和机器深度清洗,不包括全车清洗时进行的清洗。Professional
9602302Nails Manicure & Pedicure指甲美甲和修脚Includes firms engaged in the cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails and toenails, including using tools to peel and moisturizing the skin and smoothing nails before painting with the required color.包括从事指甲和脚趾甲美容护理的公司,包括在涂上所需颜色之前使用工具去皮和滋润皮肤以及平滑指甲。Professional
9609011Shoe PolishingIncludes firms engaged in shoe polishing.Professional
9609017Accidents Casualties Support Services意外伤亡支援服务Includes firms engaged in providing assistance and support to the persons who sustained injuries in accidents caused by land, air or sea means of transport, these persons might be away from home, the service involve visiting hospitals to relieve their suffering, communicate with their relatives abroad, undertake all the procedures to enable them go back home.包括为在陆、空、海交通工具事故中受伤的人提供援助和支持的公司,这些人可能不在家,服务包括去医院减轻他们的痛苦,与他们在国外的亲属联系,办理所有手续,让他们回家。Professional
9609023Valet Parking Services代客泊车服务Includes firms offer parking service in several different types of venues where valets perform car parking in private or public parking lots.包括公司在几种不同类型的场所提供停车服务,其中代客在私人或公共停车场进行停车。Professional
9609024Child Identification kit Making儿童身份识别套件制作Includes firms offering the services preparing the child identity kit which contains vital information about the child and which would be handed to the police in the event of emergency or if the child is missing, the kit includes the child’s personal information, recent photograph, health history, fingerprint certificate, in addition to tips for parents on what they can do to increase their child health and safety.包括提供服务的公司准备儿童身份套件,其中包含有关儿童的重要信息,并会在紧急情况下或如果儿童失踪时交给警方,套件包括儿童的个人信息、近期照片、健康史, 指纹证书,此外还为父母提供有关如何提高孩子健康和安全的提示。Professional
9609025Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives preparation儿童身份识别套件制作儿童身份识别套件制作Includes initiating corporate Social Responsibility activities such as environmental, cultural, and social or community support projects for companies to adopt and implement, as it would enhance the company's social responsibility and activate giving back to community. This includes preparation, execution of project such as beach clean, supporting national projects, allowing the establishment to undertake all necessary steps to implement the initiatives following a contract with the sponsor corporate.包括发起企业社会责任活动,例如环境、文化和社会或社区支持项目,供公司采用和实施,因为这将增强公司的社会责任并激活回馈社区。这包括准备、执行海滩清洁等项目,支持国家项目,允许企业采取所有必要步骤,在与赞助公司签订合同后实施这些举措。Professional
9609027Pet Relocation Services宠物搬家服务Includes firms engaged traveling and relocating pets for reunion with their owners in their new residence or otherwise, it involves doing the necessary paperwork and credentials preparation, along with veterinary check-up and pet and provision of vaccination history, export health certificate, as well as flights booking and taking of pets to the airport of departure.包括为在新居所或其他地方与主人团聚而从事旅行和搬迁宠物的公司,这涉及进行必要的文书工作和凭证准备,以及兽医检查和宠物以及提供疫苗接种历史、出口健康证明以及预订航班并将宠物带到出发机场。Professional
9609102Foot Massage Center足部按摩中心Includes non-therapeutic foot reflexology massage by pressing on certain parts of the foot to produce an effect elsewhere in the body, in order to activate blood circulation and stimulating relaxation, as well as enhancing feet flexibility to prevent injuries.包括非治疗性足部反射按摩,通过按压足部的某些部位以在身体其他部位产生效果,以激活血液循环和刺激放松,以及增强足部柔韧性以防止受伤。Professional
9609103Multiple intelligence Test Services多元智能测试服务Includes conducting tests to find out the intelligence of children by the study of the finger print analysis, the process will help discovering the children’s hidden talents and potentials which would enable recognizing the preferred learning style.包括进行测试以通过研究指纹分析来了解儿童的智力,该过程将有助于发现儿童隐藏的才能和潜力,从而识别首选的学习方式。Professional