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Dubai Silicon Oasis Digital Park China Center

Dubai Silicon Oasis Digital Park China Center is located in Dubai Silicon Oasis. It was jointly established by the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority and the DDP China Center Management Office to support Beijing Association for the promotion of International Cultural Trade.
China Center focuses on attracting new digital enterprises such as cross-border e-commerce, block chain finance, mobile education, e-commerce, online entertainment, Internet of Things, new media operations, etc., and aims to build the largest digital industry exchange platform in the middle east for overseas Chinese companies. With the strong support of the Chinese and UAE governments, China Center is committed to becoming the number one bridge for Chinese high-tech companies to land in the Middle East, relying on its own advantages to escort Chinese companies going overseas.
China Center aims to promote the multi-dimensional integration of talents, capital, information, and enterprises through innovation-driven, digital empowerment, and build an industrial layout of “one park with multiple clusters”, forming a cluster of Chinese industries, seizing the commanding heights of the smart industry and digital economy, promoting the high-quality development of Chinese digital economy industry in the Middle East, incubating 2,000 Chinese companies landed in Dubai and enjoy preferential policies, creating a benchmark for the UAE’s digital economy platform and creating billion-level Chinese digital industrial clusters.

Premium Products Exhibition

DDP China Centre will hold the Exhibition entitled “Premium Products Exhibition-Shopping worldwide”, located at A7 building, Digital Park, Dubai Silicon Oasis. We happily invite you to join us, to display and sell your products.

During the event, the 1000 square meter exhibition showrooms will be made available to our partners free of charge. More than 50 premium brands from all over the world (mainly Chinese brands) will participate. Electronic products, home appliances, smart-life supplies, sports equipment, outdoor products, kitchen products, etc., all categories are welcome except food-items.

Additionally, we invite dozens of media business partners to promote our business online and offline, to ensure that you are marketing top brands at the same time

If you are interested, please reply to the email directly, or contact:

David Lu: +971 55 943 8222

WhatsApp / Mobile number: +971 42 59 6666


Our Advantages

Attracting investment by the government

The government attracts investment, safety guaranteed, and the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority strives to protect the rights and interests of enterprises. Enterprises in the park can receive corresponding policy support from relevant ministries such as commerce and finance. Not only is there no policy risk, but also some high-tech projects entering the park can enjoy local preferential policies.

Professional support

The Dubai Silicon Oasis Industrial Park has invested more than 2 billion U.S. dollars to build a new landmark for the UAE’s digital industry. With digital economy industrial chain, upstream and downstream supporting facilities, it is a high-tech digital enterprise gathering place, projects including block chain technology development and application, online games, new media, call centers, financing, training, supply chain, etc.

High-tech clusters

As one of the five development centers of the “Dubai 2040 City Master Plan”, Silicon Oasis is responsible for the development of Dubai’s digital industry in the next 20 years. With the strong promotion of the Dubai government, Silicon Oasis has attracted “high-tech and cutting-edge” companies from all over the world to join, these companies Including telecommunications, biotechnology, block chain finance, online education, smart hospitals, electric vehicles and other industries, aiming to promote modern high-tech enterprises and create an industrial layout of one park with multiple clusters.

Security guarantee

Dubai implements free and stable economic policies. As the benchmark of Dubai’s digital industry, the Silicon Oasis Free Trade Zone is committed to big data and financial security, and has established various industrial venture capital funds. At the same time, the government has introduced multiple preferential policies and protections to make more companies to land at the park at ease. The park currently has more than 6000 high-tech companies settled.

Full service

The operation management team in the park is efficient, professional and mature. They provide all-round services for enterprises (providing logistics, warehousing, supply chain financing, e-commerce, declaration, business incubation, human resources technology, legal, policy protection, etc.)

Excellent location

The industrial park has an excellent location, within 15 minutes’ drive from the city center, the international airport and large commercial centers, and the transportation is extremely convenient. The park has restaurants, apartments, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, government agencies, shopping center, entertainment venues and all sorts of other facilities.

Vision and Mission

  • To build the No. 1 Digital Industry Incubation Park which helps China’s high-tech enterprises to land in the Middle East.

  • To create a new carrier for China’s digital industry to land in the Middle East with the best service, innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • To create a new platform for comprehensive service management of China’s digital industry landing in the Middle East.

  • To create a new landmark for the city and for China’s digital industry.

Digital Economy Industrial Park Layout Planning

Internet Business Park


E-commerce in the UAE has always been the fastest growing in the Middle East. In 2020, the e-commerce market in the UAE has reached US$69 billion. From 2018 to 2020, the e-commerce market in the Middle East grew at a compound annual growth rate of 11%.

This is because of UAE’s high Internet penetration rate, young population, active social media participation, and perfect logistics infrastructure etc. With the impact of the epidemic, the overall e-commerce growth rate in the UAE will further accelerate.

The Dubai Silicon Oasis Digital Industrial Park will provide e-commerce companies with comprehensive services such as warehousing, operation and marketing.


Type of settled company
  • Electronic business platform
  • Logistics & Express
  • Warehousing Services

Online Education Park


The education industry is one of the life-bloods of the UAE. More than 20% of the government budget is used to fund the development of education. As the UAE’s labor force mainly comes from overseas, the continuous influx of overseas labor and investors, and the diversified students and employees have caused the local education demand to rise continually.

With the impact of Covid-19 epidemic, the demand for UAE’s online education has grown rapidly. In order to ensure that students and employees can continue to receive education during this special period, the government is vigorously supporting online education companies.

The Dubai Silicon Oasis Digital Industrial Park is open to online careers, K-12 education companies, and helps companies to connect with local UAE companies and educational resources.

Type of settled company
  • Online vocational & technical education institutions
  • Professional education institutions (design, human management, etc.)


Network Media Park

With the emergence of Douyin, Netfix and many other high-quality streaming media and live broadcast services in the UAE, social media marketing has reached the highest record in the UAE. According to a study by Feedback Market Research, 65% of UAE TikTok users said, Video ads illustrate their frequent purchases.

As consumers’ acceptance of online marketing methods continues to increase, UAE companies are in great need of professional new channel operation services. The Dubai Silicon Oasis Digital Industrial Park is open to new media and new channel operators, aiming to help more local companies to develop rapidly .


Type of settled company
  • Electronic business platform
  • Logistics & Express
  • Warehousing Services

Internet Service Park

The Dubai Silicon Oasis Digital Industrial Park takes digital platform as the carrier, digital management as the basis, and operation services as the main line. It invites professional data operation service companies to settle in, provides online services for enterprises and users in the park, and helps the park to improve work efficiency and service quality .

Type of settled company
  • Big data marketing
  • Cloud storage
  • Internet of Things
  • Management Service
  • Network service provider
  • IT company

Internet Finance Park

The UAE has launched a number of support plans to try to promote the application of block chain technology in the country. The “UAE 2021 block chain Strategy” has been released, proposing that 50% of the UAE’s government business will use the block chain platform before 2021. “Dubai block chain Strategy” mentioned that in 2020, Dubai will become the first city powered by a completely free block chain.
Currently, the UAE Road Traffic Authority (RTA) is studying a project to use block chain technology to create a vehicle life cycle management system. Dubai Telecom Service Provider has developed the country’s first financial public exchange platform for block chain technology. The UAE Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA), which is responsible for overseeing the market, has approved the ICO as a security and is cooperating with the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange and Dubai Financial Market to develop a trading platform for this year’s ICO.

The UAE has become a pioneer in all-digital currency and block chain. Digital financial companies will receive strong support from the Dubai Silicon Oasis government, as well as comprehensive supporting services and infrastructure.


Type of settled company
  • block chain application enterprise
  • Digital currency exchange
  • Supply chain financial institutions
  • Gold and futures trading agency
  • Securities Trading Agent

Online Entertainment Park

According to the 2019 Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) released by “World Competitiveness”, the UAE’s information and communication technology development ranks second in the world, the global mobile broadband user index ranks the first, and the UAE’s Internet penetration rate is 99%. Mobile social media users account for 92%.

In addition, the UAE’s population is highly youthful. Because 20% of the population are under 15 years old and less than 1% of the population are elderly people, the local demand for online entertainment is extremely high.

With a vast market in Middle East, a young demographic structure, and complete telecommunications infrastructure, the UAE will be the preferred destination for large-scale competitive game developers and online game developers to go overseas. In the Middle East, there are very few state-authorized online companies, but companies that settle in Dubai Silicon Oasis Industrial Park can enjoy the full protection of local policies.

Type of settled company
  • Online game developers
  • E-sports competition Operator

Digital Economy Industrial Park Operation Team

Professional, worry-free, one-stop service team

The China Center of Dubai Digital Economy Industrial Park provides a professional operation team. The team members have many years of experience in transnational commercial operation and maintenance, with a complete structure and clear division of labor. They can provide all landing procedures and formal solutions.

It specifically covers: logistics, catering, medical care, training, security, administration, and government related business processing, etc., providing 24-hour meticulous services for Chinese enterprises.


Rights and Interests of Enterprises in the Digital Economy Industrial Park

  • Online submission of all the documents
  • Business scope of various combinations
  • Accelerate license issuance within 7 days
  • Founder’s three-year investment visa
  • Tailored taxi service for physical examination, fingerprint collection
  • It can be updated at any time during the company’s registration period,
  • High-end shared office area
  • Public meeting room in the park
  • INHOUSE government services
  • Company seal, virtual mailbox, virtual front desk
  • Acting legal and financial tax declaration
  • Bank account opening, cross-border funds
  • 10 discount coupons for smart restaurants
  • Corporate information listed on the park’s official website
  • Investment institution matchmaking meeting, road show
  • Investment institution matchmaking meeting, road show
  • Talent recruitment and training services (extra cost)

Free of corporate income tax and personal income tax for 50 years

100% capital ownership, business scope can cover the whole industry

Perfect office solutions, beautiful office environment
100% company ownership, no local sponsor required
High-speed network supporting facilities to escort high-tech enterprises
Free to purchase property and obtain UAE investment visa


Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) is a free trade zone wholly owned by the Dubai government. Its mission is to promote the growth of high-tech-based industries to support the expansion needs of the region. After nearly 20 years of development, DSO provides complete incentives and benefits to companies operating in the free zone.

The Dubai Digital Economy Industrial Park (DDP), a subsidiary of Dubai’s Silicon Oasis, was personally named by Prince Hamdan, Crown Prince of Dubai. It aims to build Dubai’s first smart city. It is not only a high-tech park, but also a comprehensive community that integrates life and work, with its own supporting facilities such as science and technology universities and smart hospitals.

About Dubai

The UAE has always been committed to the development of the digital economy. Since 2010, the UAE has issued 8 major national strategies related to “digital technology” in order to maintain the momentum of rapid development of digital technology. Especially driven by a new round of global technological revolution, with the acceleration of digital technology innovations such as the Internet, big data, cloud computing, and block chain and its deeper application, the digital economy will become a vital part for the UAE’s transformation and upgrade. As a core element, digital technology has become one of the major strategies for UAE’s transformation of economy, enhancement of international competitiveness, and development of a new track.

Thanks to the UAE’s long-term digital government strategy, as well as relatively complete ICT infrastructure and high Internet penetration, the overall competitiveness of the UAE’s digital technology is relatively strong. In 2019, the UAE’s digital industry accounted for 4.3% of the UAE’s GDP. It is expected that this number will continue to grow in the next few years as the UAE continues its transition to a digital economy.

The UAE has provided unprecedented support for the digital economy industry. The Dubai Silicon Oasis Digital Industrial Park was born under the contribution of the Dubai Silicon Oasis government.

In the e-government development index released by the United Nations, the UAE’s online service index ranks 1st among the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council for Arab States, among the Arab region and West Asia, and ranks 8th in the world.

Transform Dubai from a regional economic center to a world economic center.

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Sheikh of Dubai

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